'A Sign of the End Times': Greg Laurie Says Iran's Attack on Israel Was Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
Evangelist and pastor Greg Laurie says he believes Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel last week was a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

As Iran Threatens 'Complete Annihilation', Rabbi Says Israel Shielded by 'Miracle of Biblical Proportions'
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says world leaders want the Jewish nation to go easy on striking back at Iran for last weekend's massive attack.

China at War with US: Experts Tell Congress of Growing Infiltration, 'Mass Slaughter'
In a hearing this week on Capitol Hill, security experts warned lawmakers China is waging a war against the U.S., not with bullets or missiles, but with political influence. Analysts warn China is infiltrating American industries and it's hurting our communities.

Jenny Weaver Plans 'Massive' Baptism of Nearly 2,000 After 200 Accept Christ: 'The Lord Spoke to Me'
After hosting a baptism service on Clearwater Beach, FL this Easter, a former witch turned minister and worship leader is planning to lead one of the biggest revivals in the U.S. this May.

Migrants Encouraged to Illegally Vote for Biden Once They Illegally Enter the US
A non-governmental agency in Mexico that helps migrants reach the U.S. southern border is reportedly handing out flyers asking them to "vote for President Biden" once in the United States.

ANALYSIS: NatCon in Brussels Sprouts Outrage, Liberal Leaders Waffle on Free Speech
Free speech was indeed brusseling some feathers this week and liberal leaders are divided in their responses. But despite public outcry over NatCon's allegedly hateful messaging in Brussels, justice had the final say – and justice was righteous.

'Returning God to Government': Dr. Tony Evans Tackles Christian Disunity and God's Place in Politics
With the 2024 presidential election still seven months away, political conversations are as heated as ever – including in the church. Dr. Tony Evans of Dallas' Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and the Urban Alternative seeks to be a voice of reason.

Strength Amid Sorrow: Israeli-American Mom Honored in Time's '100 Most Influential List' Battling for Her Son's Release
Time Magazine's prestigious "100 Most Influential" list has recently honored Rachel Goldberg-Polin, the resilient mother of Hersh. In a riveting interview with CBN News, she shared the harrowing details of her son's abduction by Hamas. He is still in Hamas captivity.

EXCLUSIVE: Dennis Quaid Gives a Preview of the New Film 'Reagan'
We now have an official release date for the long-anticipated film "Reagan". It hits theaters on August 30, 2024. The film features the story of America's 40th President, Ronald Reagan, with Dennis Quaid in the starring role.

Passover Seder: A Meal with Meaning, Especially this Year
The Passover season, 2024, has arrived in Israel amid a war in Gaza, an escalating conflict with Hezbollah on the northern border, and most recently, a missile and drone assault from Iran. Yet, it remains one of the most important holidays of remembrance for the Jewish people, and Israelis in particular will gather as they always do.

Storage Sites for Internet Data Devouring Electricity - Each One Uses Power for 25,000 Homes
Stretching across Loudoun and Fairfax counties is an area in Northern Virginia, known as Data Center Alley. Large, concrete buildings dot the landscape, full of servers, which route 70 percent of the world's internet traffic.

NPR's Longtime Editor Resigns in Battle Over Biased Agenda
Longtime NPR editor Uri Berliner, who was serving a five-day suspension for blowing the whistle on liberal bias at the news organization, announced Wednesday he resigned.

'Authoritarian Censorship': Left-Wing Official Unleashes Police to Shutter Big Conservative Event
A battle over freedom of speech has been raging in Belgium after speakers and guests were denied access to a major conservative conference because government authorities deemed it to be hostile to their agenda of "abortion, same-sex unions, and the European Union." But now there's been an equally surprising turnaround, and the event in Brussels is being allowed to resume with its schedule.

As Israel Mulls Timing for Iran Attack, GOP Leaders Try to Break DC Logjam over Military Aid
Israel's leadership has reportedly decided on a range of ways it may hit back at Iran. For now, though, the government has yet to choose a time.

'A Prophetic Voice': Mark Driscoll Returned to Men's Conference After Rebuking 'Jezebel Spirit'
Hours after rebuking what he dubbed the “Jezebel Spirit” at a men’s event over the weekend, Pastor Mark Driscoll was invited back to the platform at the Stronger Men’s Conference in Springfield, Missouri.

'So Glad I Did': Fox News Doctor Recalls Choosing Life as a Pregnant Teenager
Many women who choose to have an abortion do so because they mistakenly believe a baby stands in the way of a career. However, Fox News contributor Nicole Saphier, M.D., who is also a board-certified radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the top cancer hospitals in America, is living proof you can have a baby, even in high school, and still land your dream job.

Dallas Jenkins Gives Update on Release of Season 4 of 'The Chosen' as Season 5 Begins Filming
The creator and director of the popular faith-based TV series "The Chosen" says it will not be long before Season 4 of the show will be available for fans.

'Free Burma Rangers' Build Secret Hospitals in Jungles of Myanmar as Regime Bombs Medical Sites
In the midst of a brutal civil war, a hospital hidden in the Myanmar jungle is providing lifesaving care to those caught in the crossfire. CBN News visited this secret facility where the volunteer staff faces constant threats.

US House Passes Resolution Condemning Phrase 'From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free'
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the phrase, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" as anti-Semitic. The phrase has appeared on countless protest signs on North American college campuses and city streets, especially since the Hamas massacre and kidnapping of Israelis on October 7th of last year and the resulting Israeli military campaign to end Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip.

'Elective Abortions Being Forced on Doctors': Pro-Life Doctors Push Back, SCOTUS to Weigh In
In the latest chapter of the abortion battle, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether the federal government can require emergency room physicians to perform abortions.

Border Crisis Takes Center Stage on Capitol Hill as House Sends Mayorkas Impeachment to Senate
The impeachment trial for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas begins Wednesday. House Republicans accuse him of violating the Constitution by refusing to enforce border security laws, so they've voted to send articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate.