Dennis Quaid on Music, Faith and His 'Personal Relationship with Jesus'

Legendary actor Dennis Quaid calls his new gospel album an “autobiographical” record, saying it tells the story of a man searching for purpose until he filled his “God-sized hole” through his Christian faith.

Iran’s Attack on Israel 'Was a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy,' Greg Laurie Says

A pair of well-known pastors say Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend was a fulfillment of biblical prophecy and that they’re urging Christians around the world to pray for the Jewish state.

Mark Driscoll Calls Out Megachurch over Controversial Sword-Swallowing Performance at Men's Event

Pastor Mark Driscoll left the stage at a megachurch men’s conference after he criticized an earlier sword-swallowing performance by Alex Megala (America's Got Talent 2013, Britain's Got Talent 2016), which he likened to something that someone might see at a strip club.

Masters Champion Scheffler Credits Christ: My Future ‘Was Secure on the Cross’

Professional golfer Scottie Scheffler said he woke up Sunday morning before the final round of the Masters at Augusta, Ga., with anxious thoughts but took solace knowing that his future is “secure on the cross.”

More Young Adults Say the Bible Changed Their Lives, Survey Finds

One notable finding is that 54 percent of Generation Z, the youngest group of American adults born in 1997 or later, said the Bible transformed their lives, an increase from 50 percent in 2023.

Planet Fitness 'Pretty Much Destroyed' after Banning Member over Trans Locker Room Policy

The co-founder of Planet Fitness has denounced the gym’s franchise policy of allowing anatomical men into women’s locker rooms.

Here Is What 10 Christian Leaders Had to Say about Racial Equality

The U.S. -- and the world -- has been wrestling with issues of racial equality for centuries. In America in recent times, the issues of racism and equality have been particularly at the forefront of our national discourse, with many Christian leaders speaking out against racism and for reconciliation. Ultimately, many Christian leaders have acknowledged that there is much injustice to face and much work to be done, but that the Gospel is essential to true and lasting reconciliation. Here are 10 quotes from Christian leaders on the issues of racism, equality, and what the Church can do to work for justice and unity.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/ktsimage

National Center on Sexual Exploitation's 'Dirty Dozen' List Includes Apple, Roblox, Spotify

Roblox, Spotify and Instagram - all popular among children - are also popular among sexual predators according to a new report by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

89-Year-Old Chuck Swindoll 'Not Retiring' but Changing Roles at His Texas Church

Chuck Swindoll is taking a new role at the Texas church he founded, but he’s not retiring.

Beth Moore Opens Up About Her Troubling Past and the Astonishing Power of Grace

Prominent Christian leader Beth Moore’s past includes plenty of heartache and deep hurt. Beth opens up about the struggles she’s faced and the power of God’s amazing grace!

World's Top Golfer Scottie Scheffler: 'I Believe in Jesus… That's What Defines Me'

The No. 1 golfer in the world says his faith -- not his sport -- is what defines him as a person.

Anne Wilson: Following Christ 'Makes You a Rebel because Jesus Was a Rebel'

“A lot of people are labeling it as country and I would label it as just Anne Wilson,” she told CrosswalkHeadlines. “Some songs will be on Christian playlists, and some will be on country. And then some will maybe just be in the middle."

Gen Z: More Women Than Men Are Religiously Unaffiliated

According to a recent survey, an increased percentage of young women have left their churches and identify as religiously unaffiliated.

MSNBC Segment on School Bible Ministry Felt 'Like an SNL Skit'

"Blue Islands… those blue islands in red states and swing states… they could be swayed by LifeWise," host Alex Wagner warned.

Pastor Ed Young Shares a Shark Tale Full of Hope amid Grief

In this remarkable exclusive interview, pastor Ed Young tells CrosswalkHeadlines how the experience of catching and tagging a Great White shark has been a gift from God in working through grief following the loss of his daughter.