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The end
Dan 12:1-13
As we come to the end, God leaves Daniel - and us - with three things: a word of comfort; a degree of clarity; and a charge.

Glen Hanna
19-Jun-2022 10:30

The people who know their God
Daniel 11:2-45
God reveals to Daniel a dizzying vision of trouble ahead for his people. But in all the battles he spells a message of hope for those who trust in him.

Glen Hanna
12-Jun-2022 10:30

Cosmic conflict
Dan 10:1-21
Daniel's last vision reveals a reality we think little about, but which impacts our lives more than we realise - and in which God's people can play a vital part.

Glen Hanna
5-Jun-2022 10:30

Mercy promised
Daniel 9:20-27
In his prayer Daniel pleaded for mercy. Here God answers Daniel's prayer - a strange but comforting reply.

Glen Hanna
29-May-2022 10:30

A lesson in prayer
We have the privilege of listening to a godly man pray that we might be pray-ers like Daniel.

Glen Hanna
15-May-2022 10:30

Disciples for the long term
Daniel 8:1-27
God lets his people know what they will have to face in days to come, so they may be prepared and encouraged about the future.

Glen Hanna
8-May-2022 10:30

From now to eternity
Daniel 7:1-28
Daniel's vision gives heaven's perspective on the whole of human history, and comfort to help God's people press on in a scary world.

Glen Hanna
1-May-2022 10:30

The God who saves
Daniel 6:1-28
Daniel is where his friends were in chapter 3 and where every true believer is and will be. But the one constant is God who rescues his people.

Glen Hanna
20-Feb-2022 10:30

How the party ends
Daniel 5:1-31
Nebuchadnezzar tells the story of the converted. Belshazzar tells the other story. He shows us three things - that we might learn not to be like him.

Glen Hanna
13-Feb-2022 10:30

The story of a changed life
Daniel 4:1-37
Every Christian has a testimony. This is King Nebuchadnezzar's. It teaches us three things about the story of conversion.

Glen Hanna
6-Feb-2022 10:30

No other god
Daniel 3:1-30
The issue that faced Daniel's three friends is the same for us today: will you bow down?

Glen Hanna
30-Jan-2022 10:30

There is a higher throne
Daniel 2:1-49
A big king. A big statue. An even bigger God. God wants us not just to understand but to respond rightly.

Glen Hanna
23-Jan-2022 10:30

Faithful in a foreign land
Daniel 1:1-21
To be a Christian is to swim against the tide of society. Daniel lived for God, even as an exile in Babylon. We look at three questions to help us do the same.

Glen Hanna
16-Jan-2022 10:30