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Margaret Dimberline

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The Shepherd & The Lost Sheep
Margaret gives a lovely message (12 mins) on The Lost Sheep (with help from Bramble and young Louis) & the Greatest Shepherd & His love for us & how we should all be good shepherds to others.

Margaret Dimberline
8-Dec-2019 10:45
(Luke 15 vs 1 to 7)

Calling of the Lord
In just 19 minutes - Margaret Dimberline brings us a lovely message once again - down to earth - full of anecdotes - bringing the Lord's 'Calling' to Jeremiah right into our own lives.

Margaret Dimberline
25-Aug-2019 10:45
(Jeremiah 1 vs 4 to 10)

Blessings and Parents
Margaret Dimberline speaks (19mins) from the heart on the subject of 'Blessings and Parents' - very appropriate message on 'Mothering Sunday'.

Margaret Dimberline
31-Mar-2019 10:45
Luke 2

Pharaoh - A Man In Rebellion
Margaret gives a great 16min message on Pharaoh - A Man in Rebellion - relating the Exodus text not only to the Hebrews/Moses etc - but directly to us and the way Satan can make us rebels.

Margaret Dimberline
2-Sep-2018 10:45
(Exodus 5 vs 1 to 15)

Step out in faith
In 13 mins Margaret gives encouragement for all Christians - especially our church to step out in faith - have no fear the Lord is with us until the end of the age - His light conquers all darkness!

Margaret Dimberline
21-Jan-2018 10:45
(John1 vs 1 to 8)