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Mighty God
15 min message - flashbacks to 2011! What's changed in 5 years? Let the Holy Spirit be your comforter, explainer, guide and friend to change you for the better and stop you going off course!

Debbie Pearson
11-Dec-2016 10:45
Isaiah 9

Why Jesus Came
30 min challenging message on how to: address our sins, react to suffering, fight the devil - to become more like Jesus - leading us to glory and life - because of God's unconditional love for us.

David Harvey
27-Nov-2016 10:45
(1 John 3:5-8, 4:9)

Fellowship Joy Forgiveness
Great message from David. From lighthouses to self exam against Galatians - sins & fruits of the Spirit. From Paxman quote - to truth of the Bible on meaning of life. Forgiveness Fellowship & Joy!

David Harvey
16-Oct-2016 10:45
(1 John 1 vs 1-10)

A Vocation/Character to be Fulfilled
Chris Nuttall 'on-fire' for 25 mins - apprehended etc - English lessons - to God getting us from the past (and the here & now) to fulfilment. P.R.E.S.S on - put your trust in Him! Hallelujah!

Chris Nuttall
7-Aug-2016 10:45
(Philippians 3:13-14 / 2 Peter 1:3-10)

Witnessing Personally
A lovely 18 minute message from Margaret - taking us from the extremes of personal witness to the powerful everyday witness that we can all be a part of - where ever we find ourselves.

Margaret Dimberline
31-Jul-2016 10:45
(Acts 4 vs 18-20)

Witnessing by loving one-another
Soul searching 10 minute message from Chris - so important for any church to hear. Are we obeying Jesus consistently by showing sacrificial love for one-another? Or is our witness failing?

Chris Nuttall
24-Jul-2016 10:45
(John 13 vs 34-35)

Sharing The Love of Christ
This 21 min. message helps us understand hearts are followers of the mind & our minds need to be filled with the teachings of Jesus for our hearts to be Controlled by His love for sharing with others.

Gordon Hawley
17-Jul-2016 10:45
(2 Corinthians 5 vs 14-15)

Explaining the Truth
Chris very succinctly (10 mins) explains the truth about Explaining the Truth - it's all about Jesus Christ! (Then he left us with some detailed homework!)

Chris Nuttall
10-Jul-2016 10:45
(Colossians 1 verses 24-29)

Reminded to Remember
Great 21 minute Message from Chris for a Communion Sunday!

Chris Nuttall
3-Jul-2016 10:45
(Luke 22 The Lord's Supper)

Praise of God is Essential when we Pray - Psalm 15
In a service full of Praise Gordon in 22 mins explains the importance of starting prayer with Praise using an acronym of P.R.A.Y. He then walks us through Psalm 150 and the Priority of Praise.

Gordon Hawley
26-Jun-2016 10:45
(Psalm 150)

A Dedication, a Baptism & Father's Day!
Part of a lovely service covering 'smiling' baby Louis's Dedication; mum's (Katie's) Baptism; welcome of Katie & partner David as church members & a great Father's Day message

Chris Nuttall
19-Jun-2016 10:45
(Matthew1 vs 18-25)

Prayer is Essential for Growth in God
In 14 minutes Chris covers thought provoking ground about the blueprint/challenges of the Lord's Prayer & prayer overall. Prayer is essential to change us & help us grow ready to do God's will

Chris Nuttall
12-Jun-2016 10:45
(Matthew 6 vs 9-13)

Prayer is essential for communion with God
26 mins of great preaching from Terry on the subject of prayer. Although Jesus didn't teach his disciples how to preach he certainly taught them (and us) how to pray - as Terry explains.

Terry Irwin
5-Jun-2016 10:45
(Mark 1 vs 35)

A Steadfast Hope
A wonderful 23 minute message from David that provided encouragement and hope for our way forward - tying in 'God-incidentally' with a recent Diaconate 'Away Day'.

David Harvey
29-May-2016 10:45
(1 Thessalonians 1 vs 1-10)

A Message for Pentecost
A 15 min message to make you think about the importance of Pentecost & its associated 6 months of 'ordinary time' prior to Advent. Through the Holy Spirit we become God with 'skin on'.

Gordon Hawley
15-May-2016 10:45
(Matt.16 vs13-17, Acts 2 vs 1-16 & 38-47

Baptism - Death to the Old Life
18 minutes from Chris teaching us all what Baptism 'is' and 'is not' - and what it should mean for us - death to our old life - and a wonderful new life in the grace of God.

Chris Nuttall
21-Feb-2016 10:45
(Romans 6 vs 1-15)

Baptism - More than a Symbol
20 mins - of real Baptist teaching. Humour as usual from Chris - but didn't hold back on anything - because he loves his congregation & Jesus loves us all - great Valentine's Day message!

Chris Nuttall
14-Feb-2016 10:45
(Acts 8 verses 26 to 39)

Baptism - Admission to Membership
22 mins - expands on the simple, powerful words from Peter that remind us why we have, or should, accept Jesus as our saviour - responding by being Baptised into Membership of God family/Holy Spirit.

Chris Nuttall
7-Feb-2016 10:45
(Acts 2 vs 36-41)

Unity in the Company of the Holy Spirit
From Paul in prison, 17 mins of encouragement to remain (keep topped up - we leak!) in the company of the Holy Spirit - explaining the benefits - & Gordon gives some insight from his Ephesus visit.

Gordon Hawley
31-Jan-2016 10:45
(Ephesians 4 vs 1 to 6)

Living a New Live
24 mins with the usual mix of Chris' humour and teaching relating to us needing to live a new life through the power of God's Spirit. Trust Jesus enough to get in His Tight-rope Wheelbarrow!

Chris Nuttall
24-Jan-2016 10:45
(Colossians 3 vs 1 - 11)

The Pattern of Sound Teaching
David's 27 minute talk 'soundly' & topically helps us understand Paul's message to Timothy - expanding on our role in keeping to the Pattern of Sound Teaching and in passing it on!

David Harvey
10-Jan-2016 10:45
(2 Timothy 1 vs 8-14)

It is the Church of Jesus Christ
14 mins - Chris on controversy - who builds the Church - the Pope et al - NO - Jesus Himself. He used Peter the Rock & uses us (the materials - wood, stone,.:- ingredients) - but it's His Church.

Chris Nuttall
3-Jan-2016 10:45
(Matthew 16 vs 13-20)