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Intentional Forgiveness- Freda Westwood
Freda concludes our series looking at Intentional Forgiveness. Freda shared openly and honestly and challenged us to forgive like God forgives us.

Freda Westwood
Intentional Forgiveness

Intentionally Restoring Wholeness- Jessica Kell
Jessica continued our series Intentional, by looking at Intentionally Restoring Wholeness.

Jessica Kell
Intentionally Restoring Wholeness

Intentional Godly Vulnerability - John Kell
John continues our series Intentional by looking at how we can display Intentional Godly Vulnerability.

John Kell
Intentional Godly Vulnerability

Intentional Devotion-John Seddon
John challenged us to be 'Intentional' in our devotional lives. Looking at us being Deliberately Determined with our Daily Devotional times.

John Seddon
Intentional Devotion

Intentionally Going After The One- Chris Lane
Chris & Esther Lane along with their children, joined us from Langworthy. Chris shared brilliant about Intentionally Going After The One. Chris & Esther lead LCC & Chris is a lecture at St. Mellitus

Chris Lane
Intentionally Going After The One

Intentionally Building For The Future - David Kell
David continued our series looking at being Intentional, by looking at Intentionally building for the future, and challenging us to respond to God's call to invest in people

David Kell
Intentionally Building For The Future

Intentionally being Church- Graham Kell
Graham continued our series Intentional by looking at being in and involved in the church community

Graham Kell
Intentionally being in & involved in Church

Intentionally Serving - Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie continues our series Intentional as he looks at what it means to Intentionally Serve, following the example of Jesus and how he served those he came into to contact with

Ronnie Edwards
Intentionally Serving

Intentionally Showing Grace- Andrew Moore
Andrew continues our series Intentional, by looking at what it means to Intentionally show grace.

Andrew Moore
Intentionally Showing Grace

Being Intentional- David Kell
David introduces our new series Intentional. Looking at Being Intentional following God's heart to be Intentional.

David Kell
Being Intentional