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Brian Wilks

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Be Ready for the Second Coming
In just 11 minutes Brian gives us a really interesting & knowledgeable Advent message that has a clear warning - to be ready for the unexpected time of the second coming of Christ.

Brian Wilks
1-Dec-2019 10:45
(Matthew 24 vs 36 to 44)

Warning of Straying
A short (12 min), in depth serious message from Brian - relating God's warnings in Jeremiah 2 to the spiritual problems of Britain (& elsewhere) today.

Brian Wilks
1-Sep-2019 10:45
(Jeremiah 2 vs 4 to 13)

Anointed and Called_Wholly Available
In just 7 minutes Brian gives us this powerful message with examples - for anyone called by God to be alert to the devil's potential attacks - a warning to us all and especially church leaders.

Brian Wilks
30-Jun-2019 10:45
1 Kings 19 vs 15-21

The Epiphany
Brief (5 min) but very interesting message from Brian on the Epiphany - relating the first ministry of Jesus - as a 'baby' boy - and it happened to be to the gentiles (the Magi).

Brian Wilks
6-Jan-2019 10:45
(Matthew 2 vs 1 to 12)

From Bitterness to Blessings?
Brian gives us a brief (6min) heart felt message relating to Exodus 15 vs 22 to 27 - just keep your eyes on the cross to stop the devil worming his way into our difficult times.

Brian Wilks
28-Oct-2018 10:45
(Exodus 15 vs 22 to 27)

Pharaoh and The Frogs
In just 5 mins Brian gives us a punchy & educational message - relating to Pharaoh & the frogs - quickly turning it into a reminder of what our mission should be - going out to bring people to Jesus.

Brian Wilks
23-Sep-2018 10:45
(Exodus 8 vs 1-15)

Be firm in faith - live in the Light
Clearly the Holy Spirit was upon Brian - as he gave us a 5 minute message from his heart to stay firm in our faith - encouraging us to pass the test of trials from God - by living in the Light.

Brian Wilks
29-Jul-2018 10:45
(Job,Gen3,1 Peter 1: 3 - 8,1 Peter 4: 1 - 17)

God gives His Covenant Demands
In 11 mins Brian gives a very interesting, quietly powerful sermon - initially based on Exodus 34 vs 1 to 9 relating to the various Covenants finishing with the final Covenant of the blood of Christ.

Brian Wilks
28-Jan-2018 10:45
(Exodus 34 vs 1 to 9)