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The Trouble with X
Chris in 16 minutes gives us a comprehensive message with the intriguing title of 'The Trouble with X' - care of C S Lewis. Chris covers a lot of ground - well worth a listen.

Chris Nuttall
20-Oct-2019 10:45
(Jeremiah 31 vs 27 to 34)

The Lord Speaking Through Us
Chris gives a clear message on a difficult to understand passage (Hosea 1). God can ask things of us that don't make obvious sense - but trust Him and our actions will speak louder than words.

Chris Nuttall
28-Jul-2019 10:45
(Hosea 1 vs 2 to 10)

Pondering Praising Proclaiming After Christmas
Chris gives a short (12min) message considering the days after Christmas - with his usual humour and stories he makes us think about the need to Ponder, Praise and Proclaim the Good News.

Chris Nuttall
30-Dec-2018 10:45

Harvest Message
Great message from Chris in just 11 mins based on John 6. Given at our Harvest service where all product donations go to The Lighthouse Project Rotherham.

Chris Nuttall
14-Oct-2018 10:45
(John 6)

Brief Child Dedication Message
In 9 minutes at this baby Dedication - Chris gives a humorous message to a swelled congregation - with several babies present (sorry for some strange sound quality!). Lovely service with few tears!

Chris Nuttall
16-Sep-2018 10:45
(Mark 10 vs 13-16)

The Trinity - God The Holy Spirit
In 23 minutes Chris takes us through the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and minds of sinners - bringing them to faith in Christ, providing us with guidance we need to bring glory to God.

Chris Nuttall
17-Jun-2018 10:45
(John 16 verses 8 to 15)

Justification through Grace
In 27 mins Chris explains 'justification' -particularly from Paul's letters - we can't earn justification - it is only through the Grace of God that we are saved through Jesus.

Chris Nuttall
11-Feb-2018 10:45
(Galations 2 verses 11 to 21)

Paradise Lost
In 12 min Chris follows on from Gordon's creation message of last week - picking up on Paradise Lost or The Fall - the introduction of sin into the world - pointing the way to Paradise regained.

Chris Nuttall
14-Jan-2018 10:45
(Genesis 3 verses 1 to 7)

How to Find Real Joy
In less than 7 minutes Chris gave us a simple but very meaningful message about how to find real joy at Christmas - or indeed at any time!

Chris Nuttall
25-Dec-2017 10:45
(Matthew 2 vs 1 to 15)

Amusing 6 min take on Exodus 8 vs 1-15. The large congregation, who'd enjoyed a lively Baby Dedication service, heard about plagues of Frogs in our lives & how to get rid of them!

Chris Nuttall
9-Jul-2017 10:45
(Exodus 8 vs 1 to 15)

The Metaphors of Christ - take refuge!
Chris gives a short (8 minute) but sweet message - from metaphors (Isaiah 32 verse 2) leading to the main topic - the refuge we have in Christ Jesus - He's all we need!

Chris Nuttall
14-May-2017 10:45
(Isaiah 32 verse 2)

Being at the feet of Jesus
Lovely 15 minute message from Chris highlighting the seven ways to be at the feet of Jesus where we should want to be - leading us indeed to His Home Sweet Home!

Chris Nuttall
23-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 8 vs 26 to 39)

Easter Message
Our Pastor Chris Nuttall led an amazing Easter Service that included this short (less than 10 minute) but powerful message.

Chris Nuttall
16-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 23 vs 32 to 43)

Jesus of Nazareth is Passing By
17 minutes from Chris - well worth a listen. Humour as usual and even a rare snatch of singing voice! It's now or never - it's time to cry out to Jesus!

Chris Nuttall
2-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 18 vs 31 to 43)

The Great Commission
25 min (recorder froze!) - new approach to Matt 28. Jesus trusts disciples with the Great Commission- albeit through the Holy Spirit's power/protection. How do we entrust/protect those we love?

Chris Nuttall
26-Mar-2017 10:45
(Matthew 28 vs 16-20)

Growing through Trials
Chris gave a stirring Church Anniversary 15 minute message - Growing through Trials - gifts of Grace resulting in greater fellowship with Jesus. Attacked by the enemy but perfected by Christ!

Chris Nuttall
15-Jan-2017 10:45
(1 Peter 4 vs 12 to 14)

Three Persons Present Today
In 17 mins jolted from 3 wise men into the Creeds(!) - then onto a heartfelt message - including many direct words from Jesus about 'the Trinity' - what a team to have supporting us!

Chris Nuttall
1-Jan-2017 10:45
(John 15 vs 26 to 16 vs 15)

A Vocation/Character to be Fulfilled
Chris Nuttall 'on-fire' for 25 mins - apprehended etc - English lessons - to God getting us from the past (and the here & now) to fulfilment. P.R.E.S.S on - put your trust in Him! Hallelujah!

Chris Nuttall
7-Aug-2016 10:45
(Philippians 3:13-14 / 2 Peter 1:3-10)

Witnessing by loving one-another
Soul searching 10 minute message from Chris - so important for any church to hear. Are we obeying Jesus consistently by showing sacrificial love for one-another? Or is our witness failing?

Chris Nuttall
24-Jul-2016 10:45
(John 13 vs 34-35)

Explaining the Truth
Chris very succinctly (10 mins) explains the truth about Explaining the Truth - it's all about Jesus Christ! (Then he left us with some detailed homework!)

Chris Nuttall
10-Jul-2016 10:45
(Colossians 1 verses 24-29)

Reminded to Remember
Great 21 minute Message from Chris for a Communion Sunday!

Chris Nuttall
3-Jul-2016 10:45
(Luke 22 The Lord's Supper)

A Dedication, a Baptism & Father's Day!
Part of a lovely service covering 'smiling' baby Louis's Dedication; mum's (Katie's) Baptism; welcome of Katie & partner David as church members & a great Father's Day message

Chris Nuttall
19-Jun-2016 10:45
(Matthew1 vs 18-25)

Prayer is Essential for Growth in God
In 14 minutes Chris covers thought provoking ground about the blueprint/challenges of the Lord's Prayer & prayer overall. Prayer is essential to change us & help us grow ready to do God's will

Chris Nuttall
12-Jun-2016 10:45
(Matthew 6 vs 9-13)

Baptism - Death to the Old Life
18 minutes from Chris teaching us all what Baptism 'is' and 'is not' - and what it should mean for us - death to our old life - and a wonderful new life in the grace of God.

Chris Nuttall
21-Feb-2016 10:45
(Romans 6 vs 1-15)

Baptism - More than a Symbol
20 mins - of real Baptist teaching. Humour as usual from Chris - but didn't hold back on anything - because he loves his congregation & Jesus loves us all - great Valentine's Day message!

Chris Nuttall
14-Feb-2016 10:45
(Acts 8 verses 26 to 39)

Baptism - Admission to Membership
22 mins - expands on the simple, powerful words from Peter that remind us why we have, or should, accept Jesus as our saviour - responding by being Baptised into Membership of God family/Holy Spirit.

Chris Nuttall
7-Feb-2016 10:45
(Acts 2 vs 36-41)

Living a New Live
24 mins with the usual mix of Chris' humour and teaching relating to us needing to live a new life through the power of God's Spirit. Trust Jesus enough to get in His Tight-rope Wheelbarrow!

Chris Nuttall
24-Jan-2016 10:45
(Colossians 3 vs 1 - 11)

It is the Church of Jesus Christ
14 mins - Chris on controversy - who builds the Church - the Pope et al - NO - Jesus Himself. He used Peter the Rock & uses us (the materials - wood, stone,.:- ingredients) - but it's His Church.

Chris Nuttall
3-Jan-2016 10:45
(Matthew 16 vs 13-20)

His Humble Birth
Chris in 18 mins may shatter myths of traditional Nativity story - but his message enhances lead up to Christmas. Let Jesus into the centre of your home & life - and see all things are possible.

Chris Nuttall
13-Dec-2015 10:45
(Luke 2 vs 1 to 7)

Baptism of Darren Fletcher - 1st Week of Advent
1hr plus of joy at Darren's Baptism. Thanks Darren - for being you; your testimony, candle lighting skill (great for Firemen!) & for lively songs - sorry about rendition but you had all our love!

Chris Nuttall
(Philippians 3 vs 7 to 10)

Harvest Sunday
Chris, hot from Coronary Care , blessed us with a humorous & interesting 25 min message - tailored for Harvest - complimenting the amazing testimonies we'd heard from 'Lighthouse' people.

Chris Nuttall
11-Oct-2015 11:15
(Deuteronomy 8 vs 7-18 )

How do we worship God?
Chris, despite suffering from 'man-flu', gives us much to think about in this interesting 25 minute message - questioning how we worship God and recognise Him at work in our lives.

Chris Nuttall
27-Sep-2015 10:45
(Amos 5)

Walking the line for God
A brave Elijah sets up the alter challenge between silent Baal and our God who answers. Do we walk the line for God or do we waver towards false gods of money, power, celebrity etc?

Chris Nuttall
19-Jul-2015 10:45
1 Kings 18 vs 17 to 39

With God All Things Are Possible
In 22 mins Chris includes using both rowing boat oars named Works and Faith - obeying all God's commands - being unafraid of going beyond limitations because - with God all things are possible!

Chris Nuttall
12-Jul-2015 10:45
1 Kings 17

Preparing by Producing
A weighty 'Second' sermon in series on Preparing for the second coming of Jesus. Chris Nuttall uses some traditional, but mainly different, takes on this well known parable of the talents.

Chris Nuttall
21-Jun-2015 10:45
Matthew 25 vs 14 to 30

Living in the Way of Holiness
23 min message with usual humour from our Pastor - leading us to our best role model JESUS - the why and how to be Holy. Culminates in a beautiful Alter Call of great blessing.

Chris Nuttall
12-Apr-2015 10:45
1 Peter 1 vs 13 to 20

Easter Sunday Message
Great humour - good news bad news scenarios from Mariapolis spiritual holidays, with KGB involvement, to the Crucifixion and Resurrection with the Easter Good News outshining all bad news. 17 mins.

Chris Nuttall
5-Apr-2015 10:45
Luke 24

Palm Sunday
Chris gets us to live the scene of Palm Sunday - we feel the tears of Jesus for his people who just didn't understand - the message swings right onto the congregation. 22 minute sermon

Chris Nuttall
29-Mar-2015 10:45
Luke 19 vs 29 to 31

Any Nuts in Your Family Tree
Another great sermon from Chris Nuttall - 22 minutes packed with humour (you can tell that 'Christmas is Coming' feeling was present). 'Based on' the genealogy from Matthew etc

Chris Nuttall
30-Nov-2014 10:45
Matthew 1 vs 1_17

Palm Sunday Service
One of the most powerful Palm Sunday messages I have ever heard. Thanks to Chris, our pastor - and all within 20 minutes! Apologies that the recording continues with some loud music and strange noises

Chris Nuttall
24-Mar-2013 10:45
Luke 19 vs 28 to 44

Paradoxes, Being First by Being Last
Once this 24 minute message from Chris, our Pastor, gets going it is probably one of the most passionate and interesting you are likely to hear!

Chris Nuttall
24-Feb-2013 10:45
Mark 9 vs 33 to 35

Security, Godly Marriage
Great message from our pastor, spoken from the heart with plenty of humour, and very apt on our church anniversary service! Duration 16 minutes.

Chris Nuttall
20-Jan-2013 10:45
Ephesians 5 vs 21 to 33 et al

Hope for the Apathetic
Great little message from our Lay Pastor - 14 mins duration - that will give all of us hope in Jesus.

Chris Nuttall
6-Jan-2013 10:45
Psalm 72

Remembering The Faith
The eye witness account of the tranfiguration of Jesus, and the amazing things surrounding that event, encourages us to remember our faith and to recognise false teachers. Length 22mins.

Chris Nuttall
30-Dec-2012 10:45
2 Peter 1 vs 12 to 18

Hope for the afflicted
A to the point message from the heart of of our Pastor.

Chris Nuttall
25-Nov-2012 10:45
Lamentations 3

Rewards in Heaven
Wonderful to learn about the extra rewards we can receive in Heaven if we build our way of life soundly on Jesus as the foundation, such that we can return these in even greater worship to our Lord

Chris Nuttall
28-Oct-2012 10:45
1 Corinthians 3 vs 10 to 15

Road signs - GIVE WAY!
A short clear message from Chris in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Chris Nuttall
9-Sep-2012 10:45
Romans 12 vs 1 to 3

Road Signs - ONE WAY!
The start of what promises to be a facinating series - for the best drive of your live!

Chris Nuttall
2-Sep-2012 10:45
John 14 vs 2 to 6

Self Control - Fruit of the Holy spirit
Another great message from our Lay Pastor!

Chris Nuttall
29-Jul-2012 10:45
Galations 5

Kindness - Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Really interesting message from our Lay Pastor with some great examples. But sorry, we still have some sound quality issues!

Chris Nuttall
1-Jul-2012 10:45
Galatians 5 vs 13 - 26

Good Works
Concluding our Exodus series - from Slavery to Sinai

Chris Nuttall
20-May-2012 10:45
Exodus 19

The Hold Up
Continuing our Exodus Series

Chris Nuttall
29-Apr-2012 10:45
From Slavery to Sinai, Exodus 17:8-17

Part 1 The really worst of days

Chris Nuttall
8-Apr-2012 10:45

Part 2 The very best of days

Chris Nuttall
8-Apr-2012 10:45

love mission.WMA

Chris Nuttall
Love and Mission