Philippians: Triumphing over circumstances

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Pressing on
Phil 3:12-4:1
The Christian life is a race that we have to run. And only those who run to the end will gain the prize.

Glen Hanna
14-Jul-2024 10:30

Christ alone
Phil 3:1-11
On what basis does God accept us? How can we be confident before God? Paul explores how it's not what we usually think.

Glen Hanna
30-Jun-2024 10:30

Friends and role models
Philippians 2:19-30
What better spur to a godly life than a real example? Here Paul gives us two and reveals the qualities needed.

Glen Hanna
23-Jun-2024 10:30

Shining in the dark
Phil 2:12-18
Jesus is the Light of the World and Christians, as his ambassadors, are to shine like him.

Glen Hanna
16-Jun-2024 10:30

The mind of Christ
Phil 1:27-2:11
Believers are told to have the attitude of Jesus. What does this mean and how is it even possible?

Glen Hanna
9-Jun-2024 10:30

The big picture
Philippians 1:12-26
How did Paul manage to be joyful despite everything that had happened to him? By keeping his focus on the big picture.

Glen Hanna
2-Jun-2024 10:30

Three marks of a believer
Philippians 1:3-11
As well imitating Jesus, Paul says we are to imitate him. Here are three characteristics of Paul for believers to model.

Glen Hanna
26-May-2024 10:30

A colony of heaven
Phil 1:1-11
In this, probably his most affectionate and happiest letter, Paul sets out his stall for the secret of having surprising joy, whatever our circumstances.

Glen Hanna
19-May-2024 10:30