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Faithfulness- Graham Kell
Graham concludes our series looking at freedom by talking about Faithfulness.

Graham Kell

New Beginnings- John Kell
John Kell shared with us all about New Beginnings and how God has been speaking to him and Rachel all about New Beginnings, including the very exciting news of the launch fo King's Community

John Kell
New Beginnings- KIng's Community

Hope- Jessica Kell
Jessica shared a great word all about Hope and challenged us to anchor ourselves in Hope

Jessica Kell

Joy- Dave Glover
Our brilliant friends Dave and Sue Glover joined us from Killingworth. Dave shared a great word about Joy. Using the song The Joy of the Lord by Rend https://bit.ly/2S6lNZf

Dave Glover

New Beginnings 2020- Graham & Jess Kell
Graham and Jess start 2020 by sharing the vision for 2020, New Beginnings.

Graham & Jess Kell
New Beginnings 2020

Are You Under The Influence?- Graham Kell
Graham spoke to us on the first Sunday of 2020 asking us what are we under the influence of? And challenging us to be under the influence of Jesus

Graham Kell
Are You Under The Influence?

Christmas Unpacked- David Kell
David spoke on Christmas Day looking at how the birth of Jesus effected: Elizabeth, Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, The Shepherds, Magi, Simeon and Anna

David Kell
Christmas Unpacked

Evening Carol Service- John Kell
John shared about the meaning of Christmas and the names Jesus and Emmanuel at our 2019 Evening Carol Service

John Kell
Evening Carol Service

Light Celebration- David Kell
David shared about Jesus being the Light that shines in the darkness at our brilliant Light Celebration

David Kell

People Need People - Lynn Swart
Our good friend Lynn Swart joined with us and shared a brilliant message entitled People Need People. Lynn is the Executive Director of Newday United a organisation which is seeing incredible change i

Lynn Swart
Lynn Swart

Promises - Graham Kell
Graham shared with us as we dedicated a child back to the Lord, about the Promises of God

Graham Kell

The Dedication of Jean Seddon- John Seddon
John Seddon shared as we gathered along with Josh and Rachael to dedicate Jean Seddon back to the Lord.

John Seddon
The Dedication of Jean Seddon

Make God's Dream Your Dream- Sasha & Sara Vita
Our great friends Sasha & Sara Vitakic joined us all the way from central Serbia. Sara shared a message God had laid on her heart before Sasha shared a brief update on their work in Serbia & a message

Sasha & Sara Vitakic
Make God's Dream Your Dream

The God Who Sees You- Paul Saxon
Our friends Sarah and Paul Saxon joined us for the dedication of Sophia Grace Kell. Paul spoke to us about the God Who Sees You.

Paul Saxon
The God Who Sees You

SIT - Marion White
Our friends Marion and Rob White joined us and Marion spoke brilliantly regarding the word SIT from Ephesians

Marion White
Sit Ephesians

The Dedication of Eleanor Close- John Kell
John Kell spoke at the dedication of Eleanor Close looking at what it means to be a Child of God.

John Kell
Being a Child of God

Easter Sunday- Jessica Kell
Jessica unpacks Easter for us. Looking at the Intentional acts carried out by God which changed History forever

Jessica Kell
Easter Sunday

Good Friday -Graham Kell
Graham unpacks the good Friday message for us.

Graham Kell
Good Friday

Counting Stars- Dave Glover
Our friends Dave and Sue Glover joined us from Killingworth and Dave spoke about Counting Stars a brilliant message well worth listening too.

Dave Glover
Counting Stars

Vision 2019- INTENTIONAL
Graham and Jessica shared the vision for 2019. Intentionally Growing In Our Love For Jesus, Intentionally Growing In Our Love For People, and Building Intentionally for Future Growth

Graham and Jessica Kell
2019 Intentional

Who Do You Think You Are - Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill Shared a message asking the question Who Do You Think You Are?

Andrew Gill
Who Do You Think You Are?

Light and Darkness- Dave Bagley
Our friend Dave Bagley shared all about Light and Darkness at our 2018 Light Celebration

Dave Bagley
Light Celebration 2018

Extravagant Acts Of Worship- David Kell
David looked at the whole area of Extravagant Acts of Worship, and how our response to God should be Extravagant

David Kell
Extravagant Worship

Keeping Our Passion For Jesus Alive- John Seddon
John shared about keeping our passion for Jesus alive and how we continue to grow in our love and passion for him.

John Seddon
Keeping Our Passion For Jesus Alive

Ever Felt Down Hearted? - Rob White
Our friends Rob and Marion White joined us from Wilmslow and Rob shared looking at how we respond to feeling down hearted

Rob White
Feeling Down Hearted Psalm 33

Keeping Your Eyes Fixed on God- Graham Kell
Graham shared about keeping our eyes fixed on God

Graham Kell
Keeping Your Eyes Fixed on God

Celebration- Lynn Swart 080718
Our friend Lynn Swart joined us on 8th July looking at the Wedding in Canaan. Lynn runs a charity called New Day United https://www.newdayunited.org/ZA/

Lynn Swart
Celebration- John 2

Sharing Meeting- Ephesians and Revelation
Diane Butterworth, Dave Hall, Gillian Darlington, Christine Hall and Graham Butterworth share with us regarding how God has spoken to them from the recent teaching series at King's.

Diane, Dave, Gillian, Christine and Graham
Sharing Meeting- Ephesians and Revelation

Growing In Your Encounters With God- Lillian Mwila
Our dear friend Lillian Mwila visited us from Zambia. Joseph and Lillian have been friends of King's for Decades and Pastor the Daysprings churches in Zambia along with New Frontiers in Africa. Li

Lillian Mwila
Growing In Your Encounters With God

God Has More- Dave Glover
Our friends Dave and Sue joined us from the North-East and Dave shared a great message looking at how God has more

Dave Glover
God Has More

What Does Your Name Mean?- David Kell
David shared about Names, as we gathered to dedicate Reuben back to the Lord.

David Kell
What Does Your Name Mean?

Good Friday- Andrew Moore
Andrew unpacks the events and accounts of Good Friday

Andrew Moore
Good Friday

Building For Future Growth- John Kell
John concludes out our vision series by looking at the third of our 3 goals for the year: A Church Building For Future Growth.

John Kell
Building For Future Growth

Samuel Close Dedication- John Kell
John spoke at the dedication of Samuel Close, sharing from the account of Samuels dedication by Hannah in the book of 1 Samuel

John Kell

Jonah- Marion White
Our great friends Rob and Marion White from Life Church Wilmslow joined us. Marion shared brilliantly with us from the story of Jonah.

Marion White

Enoch Walked with God - Graham Kell
As well as sharing about the vision for 2018 Graham shared a brief message about Enoch and how he walked with God.

Graham Kell
Enoch Walked With God

Christmas Extravaganza - Dave Shore
Our friend Dave Shore joined us for our Christmas Extravaganza at Dobbies on the 21st December. Dave shares all about his journey to finding Jesus and how Jesus has changed his life.

Dave Shore
Christmas Extravaganzas

Light Night - John Kell
John spoke brilliantly at our UV light Night. Explaining how Jesus is the Light of the World and how he calls us to be the Light of The World too

John Kell
Jesus the Light of The World

Revelation- Lynn Swart
Our dear friend Lynn Swart joined us for the day and shared on Revelation as well as updating us on the wonderful work carried out by New Day International- the charity she is the CEO of.

Lynn Swart

GUARD - Jessica Kell
Jessica shares what God has placed on her heart exploring the subject of Guarding your Heart.

Jessica Kell

Power Rangers - Dave Glover
Our great friends Dave and Sue Glover joined us all week running our summer kids club around the theme of Power Rangers. Dave shared all around this theme on the Sunday.

Dave Glover
Power Rangers

Courage - John Kell
John shares all about Courage and taking courage.

John Kell

An Attitude of Gratitude- Graham Kell
Graham shares with us about having an An Attitude of Gratitude and how thankfulness ought to be a huge part of our lives as Christians

Graham Kell
An Attitude of Gratitude

Jonah - Sarah Close
Sarah shares from the story of Jonah and looks at how God would challenge us from Jonah's story.

Sarah Close

Baptism in the Holy Spirit - John Seddon
John shares with us about the difference being filled with the Holy Spirit made on his life and how the Holy Spirit changes us.

John Seddon
Baptism in the Holy Spirit

5 Keys To Happiness - Sara & Sasha Vitakic
Sara and Sasha Vitakic have been friends of King's for over 30 years. They came to share with us and update us on there work in central Serbia with Light Of The Gospel Ministries. Sasha then share

Sara & Sasha Vitakic
25-Jun-2017 10:30
5 Keys To Happiness

From The Shallow into the Deep - Nick Duffy
Nicky and Becky Duffy joined us with there two daughters as Nick shared from Luke 5 looking at the disciples call.

Nick Duffy
From The Shallow into the Deep

Easter Sunday - Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore shared on Easter Sunday as Catherine, Anika and Gary got Baptisted.

Andrew Moore
Easter Sunday

Unsung Heros - Dave Glover
Our friends Dave and Sue Glover joined us from Killingworth, where they are part of Community Church Killingworth. Dave shared with us all about Unsung Heroes such as Edward Kimball, Mr Genor, Marjori

Dave Glover
Unsung Heroes

Dreams and Visions - John Kell
John brilliantly shared about dreams and visions. A brilliant message well worth a listen

John Kell
Dreams and Vision

Sharing on Faith in Action
On New Years Day Barbara Hartwell, Gwen Wadhams, Adam Rostron and Richard Kell shared about the Faith In Action Blog had impacted them.

Barbara, Gwen, Adam and Richard
Faith In Action- James through November

For We See Jesus - Graham Kell
Graham shared on Christmas day from Hebrews We see Jesus made just a little lower than the Angels

Graham Kell
For We See Jesus

Debt, Father Christmas, Christmas Tree -David Kell
David shared at our Morning Carol Service about Debt, Father Christmas, Christmas Trees, Family and Christmas Parties.

David Kell
Debt, Father Christmas, Christmas Trees & Family

Confident Expectation - Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie shared on confident expectation and how as God people we have this amazing hope.

Ronnie Edwards
Confident Expectation

Let Faith Arise - David Kell
David shares on Let Faith Arise, inspired by the verses in Mark 9 Lord I believe, help my unbelief.

David Kell
Let Faith Arise

Unshakeable Faith - Jessica Kell
Jessica shares a great message all about unshakeable faith!

Jessica Kell
Unshakeable Faith

God's Promises - Andrew Moore
Andrew shares all bout God's promises from Hebrews

Andrew Moore
God's Promises

How Great Is Our God - Graham Kell
Graham shares a brilliant message showing How Great Our God is

Graham Kell
How Great Is Our God

Rob and Marion White
Our friends Rob and Marion White joined us and shared about Kairos Moments. Rob and Marion are great friends of ours and lead a new church plant in Wilmslow

Rob and Marion White
Kairos Moment

Who are you following? - Jessica Kell
Jessica asked us who are we following, on the morning Steve, Rebekah and Liz got baptised. Jess challenged us to follow Jesus and not all kinds of other things.

Jessica Kell
Who are you following?

The Meaning of Life - Sarah Close
Sarah looks at The Meaning of Life from the eyes of the wisest person who lived Solomon

Sarah Close
The Meaning of Life

Powerhouse Sunday - Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie speaks as we celebrate Powerhouse Sunday our Sunday to celebrate the progress of our children.

Ronnie Edwards
Powerhouse Sunday 2016

Hospitality - John Kell
John passionately unpacks the topic of Hospitality bringing a challenging message looking at how Jesus defines Hospitality and what that looks like in our lives

John Kell

Dave Glover- Christ the redeemer
Our friends Dave and Sue Glover joined us for our BL3 Holiday club, Dave then shared with us about Christ the Redeemer.

Dave Glover
Christ the redeemer

Lynn Swart- Life on the mountain
Our friend Lynn Swart was with us on 10th July and shared about life on the mountain with Jesus. Lynn runs a charity called New Day international based in South Africa and brings an update on the prog

Lynn Swart
Life on the mountain

Dave Glover- Zacchaeus
Our friend Dave Glover spoke to us about Zacchaeus and the lessons we can learn from his encounter with Jesus. Dave and Sue are brilliant friends of us at King's, they have been our friends since

Dave Glover

John Seddon- Easter Sunday
John shares on easter Sunday after 7 of our church are baptised

John Seddon
Easter Sunday

John Kell- Generosity
John unpacks one of our values as a church as he looks at Generosity. John provides us with real challenge regarding Generosity and how it's a way of life.

John Kell

Graham and Jessica Kell
Graham and Jessica share with us the Goals we have as a church for 2016.

Graham and Jessica Kell
Goals 2016

Rachel Hickson
Our friends Rachel Hickson and Helen Azar from Heartcry share with us about Good Resolutions- Great Rewards. A message not to be missed

Rachel Hickson
Good Resolutions- Great Rewards!

Rob White
Our friend Rob White spoke as John, Sarah and David became part of the senior leadership team.

Ro White
Leadership Lessons

Rob Coleman
Our friend Rob Coleman from Bolton Family Church was with us on Sunday to share with us about God being at Work. Rob is the Senior Leader of Bolton Family Church

Rob Coleman
20-Sep-2015 10:30
God At Work

Powerhouse Sunday-Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie spoke to us on Powerhouse Sunday 2015 about the parable of the sower. Ronnie is the Senior Leader responsible for the oversight of the children's work here at King's.

Ronnie Edwards
The Parable Of The Sower

Lynn Swart
Lynn has become a friend of our's at King's over the last few years, in June 2014 she came to speak at one of our Ladies days and shared her heart for New Day - A charity she leads based in h

Lynne Swart
New Visions

Dave Glover
Dave and Sue are some of the churches oldest friends, they were a key part of the church forming in 1982. Dave and Sue had helped run our holiday club in the week running up to this message.

Dave Glover
23-Aug-2015 10:00

Sasha Vitakic
Our friends Sasha and Sara Vitakic came to speak to us all the way from central Serbia. Sasha and Sara have been friends of King's for many years and lead a church in Central Serbia.

Sasha Vitakic
Overcoming a Fear of Rejection and Failure

Dave Glover
Dave shares with us the wonder of our genealogy!

Dave Glover
who do you think you are?

Lynn Swart
Lynn brings a song of encouragement and vision to the body followed by her thoughts on Worship.

Lynn Swart

Graham Kell
Graham reflects on the vision and values here at Kings and also his dreams as we go forward. Please note there is a 20sec silence at the start of the message!

Graham Kell

Dave Glover
A challenge to not only hear God but also to obey him

Dave Glover
Hearing from God

Sandra Smith
An encouraging word for the start of 2014

Sandra Smith

John Seddon
At the start of 2014 John looks at the whole issue of Expectant Prayer securing a positive outcome.

John Seddon
Expectant Prayer

Rob White
Rob shares regarding the work and person of the Holy Spirit

Rob White
The Holy Spirit

John Seddon
Amazing Grace outstanding forgiveness

Andrew Moore

Sasha Vitakic
Sasha and Sara Vitakic visiting from Serbia and bringing an awesome challenging message. Unfortunately cut short by a few minutes.

Sasha Vitakic
The 4 gifts of Pharoah

Rob White
a crackin message from Rob challenging, prophetic and releasing awesome stuff worth a listen

Rob White
Holy Spirit Power

Richard Kell
awesome Good Friday message by Richard

Richard Kell
Good Friday

Rachel Hickson
Rachel and Helen Visited us and brought a word regarding Great Expectations. It was Mothers Day and a fitting message for Fathers too.

Rachel Hickson
Great Expectations

Dave Bagley
Dave speaks about the work of Urban Outreach

Dave Bagley
Urban Outreach

Jessica Kell
Jess looks at the life of David to challenge us to press forward

Jessica Kell

John Seddon
John looks at how important it is not to just have the bones, structure programs etc but how we need the breath og God in our midst too

John Seddon
Breath and Bones

Graham Kell
lessons from Solomons life

Graham Kell

Brenda Wray
Brenda looks at different references to leven

Brenda Wray
Let the fire fall

Brenda Wray
a fly through Psalm 119

Brenda Wray
Pastoral Team talk

Rob White
Rob brings clarity to an area of church life which is essential for today

Rob White
Fivefold ministry gifts

Jessica Kell
Jessica sets the scene for 2012 a year of further stretching and moving out in faith

Jessica Kell
2012 going for gold

Dave Glover
Dave brings a word in season beginning with look at stretching and balloons

Dave Glover

Rob White
Rob makes us all salivate at the thought of Jam doughnuts and challenges us to get closer to

Rob White
Jam Doughnuts