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Debbie Pearson

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Rejoice and Flourish
Very interesting & great message (19 mins) - revealing so much about the book of Isaiah & particularly about how we can bloom, grow & flourish as we seek and trust in God. Listen to this and REJOICE!

Debbie Pearson
7-Jul-2019 10:45
(Isaiah 66 vs 10 to 14)

Waiting for God
Debbie covers: importance of praise, knowing God's promises, patiently encouraging one another in faith, doing our bit - in confidence with the Holy Spirit - as we wait for the return of Jesus.

Debbie Pearson
2-Dec-2018 10:45
(Luke 2 vs 25 to 38)

Living in the Light of a Returning King
Good to listen to Debbie's 20 minute opening message on the subject of Living in the Light of a Returning King (through Justification).

Debbie Pearson
15-Jul-2018 10:45
(Romans 3 vs 21 to 26)

God the Son - A theology that leads to Mission
Given a difficult task from our church preaching schedule - in 18 mins Debbie gives an important message - encouraging maturity in Jesus and Unity that lead to fulfilling the Mission Jesus gives us.

Debbie Pearson
4-Mar-2018 10:45
(Ephesians 4 vs 1-16)

A New Community
In 20 mins Debbie explains a blueprint on operating as a devoted church community - being at one in the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to be a community in unity. Closing with reflection time.

Debbie Pearson
4-Feb-2018 10:45
(Acts 2 vs 41 to 47)

God Speaks and His Words Guide Us
In 21 minutes Debbie gave us excellent guidance from God for any church seeking the way forward - praise be to The Holy Spirit!

Debbie Pearson
3-Dec-2017 10:45
(Acts 6 vs 1 to 7)

Debbie's great 16 min Spirit led message - from Toxic atmosphere and stagnant churches to the movement and wind of the Holy Spirit - helping us to add one to 3000 to our numbers!

Debbie Pearson
7-May-2017 10:45
(Acts 2 vs 1 to 5)

The Mature Christian
Debbie's 25 great mins (with 3 lively toddlers). Background on Ephesians & then specifics on how to become a mature Christian. Holy Spirit & Jesus on hand to help. Get drunk on the Holy Spirit.

Debbie Pearson
22-Jan-2017 10:45
(Ephesians 5 vs 15 to 21)

Mighty God
15 min message - flashbacks to 2011! What's changed in 5 years? Let the Holy Spirit be your comforter, explainer, guide and friend to change you for the better and stop you going off course!

Debbie Pearson
11-Dec-2016 10:45
Isaiah 9

Blessing the church
Once again Debbie gives a heartfelt message (23 mins) - open our minds and our hearts and just say YES to the Holy Spirit and the Church will be blessed.

Debbie Pearson
18-Oct-2015 10:45
(2 Corinthians 13 vs 14)

Going to where god calls
Wonderful teaching in 19 minutes from Debbie. Love the equation God's capability plus our availability = endless possibilities! Do we really make ourselves available with the Holy Spirit?

Debbie Pearson
5-Jul-2015 10:45
1 Kings 17 vs 1 to 16

From Him Not Me, His Temple Not Mine
Again - wonderfully clear teaching from Debbie in this 20 minute message answering the key questions about honouring God - bringing the Holy Spirit to the fore - culminating in meditation.

Debbie Pearson
21-Apr-2013 10:45

Security - Godly Hope
Beautifully put by Debbie, as usual, as she compares the hope of this world, and lack of it, to the sure and complete hope for Christians. 14 mins

Debbie Pearson
13-Jan-2013 10:45
From the Psalms

Meekness - Gentleness
Great message again from Debbie. Sorry sound not very meek - a bit boomy - now to get our PA fixed! Meekness is definitely not weakness - definitely not about beeing a doormat!

Debbie Pearson
22-Jul-2012 10:45
Galations 5 vs 22 and 23

Patience - Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Enthusiastic speaker full of the Holy Spirit - patiently looking forward to her next visit to Treeton.

Debbie Pearson
24-Jun-2012 10:45
Galatians 5

Bread from Heaven
A very clear lesson for us all on Exodus 16. Thanks to Debbie - wonderful visiting preacher.

Debbie Pearson
Bread from Heaven