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Gordon Hawley

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Is it important to sing to God
Gordon gives us a short (7 minute) but encouraging message about why it is important (and good for us) to sing praises to God!

Gordon Hawley
16-Feb-2020 10:45
(Various including Acts 16)

Implications of Ripe Fruit
Looks at the implications of the ripe fruit ref Amos 8 linking this - in 18 minutes - to some present day situations regarding worship songs, stewardship and studying/applying God's word.

Gordon Hawley
21-Jul-2019 10:45
(Amos 8 vs 1 -14)

Transformation by and for Jesus
With light humour & clarity - 14 min message - relating to us all - on Saul's transformation from murderous persecutor of Christians - to Paul, the world's most amazing Apostle for Jesus.

Gordon Hawley
5-May-2019 10:45
(Acts 9 vs 1-21)

Waiting for the Lord our God
In 23 mins Gordon develops on from Margaret's words - particularly through the Book of Habakkuk. If you're hurting & impatiently waiting for God to answer prayer - this message might help.

Gordon Hawley
9-Sep-2018 10:45
(Exodus 5, Book of Habakkuk)

Living in the Light of a Returning King
Second important message in the series of Living in the Light of a Returning King (by following Him) - given by Gordon - in 15 mins - but recording goes on to include a Brief Church Meeting!

Gordon Hawley
22-Jul-2018 10:45
(1 Timothy 4 vs 7-8, 11-16; 2 Tim 4 vs 1 -2)

The Day the Priests Dropped Dead
An interesting & challenging 23 minute message to inspire us to: trust in God the Trinity; lead an obedient holy life: & to be 'fired up' by the Holy Spirit to urgently tell out the Good News.

Gordon Hawley
10-Jun-2018 10:45
(Leviticus 10 vs 1-3, 8-9 Hebrews 4 vs 14-16)

A Missional Community - 1 Corinthians 1 - 21 mins.
An insight - in 21 mins - into what an effective Missional Community should look like - an army of united ordinary people empowered by the Spirit to urgently give out the Good News to the lost.

Gordon Hawley
18-Feb-2018 10:45
(partly 1 Corinthians 1, Matt 28 etc)

God Is and God Created
In 21 mins Gordon gets into the miracle of creation whilst leading up to a communion celebration. Interesting message from former materials scientist - hoping he avoided any false teaching.

Gordon Hawley
7-Jan-2018 10:45
(Genesis 1 and 2)

To God be the Glory
Gordon gives us a 'spectacular' (even without slides) 19 min Psalm 19 message - on God's glorious creation - with great New Testament links to help draw others to God. To God be the Glory!

Gordon Hawley
21-May-2017 10:45
(Psalm 19)

Peace, Be Still
Gordon starts by almost literally turning a Baptist Chapel upside down - really feel the storms of life - along with the original disciples - and then know how to experience PEACE from the Lord!

Gordon Hawley
9-Apr-2017 10:45
(Mark 4 verses 35 to 41)

What we need to know to grow
A three pronged 19 min message to remind us of 'what we need to know to grow': the 8 graces; plant life destruction analogy; and 5 'common' things needed for growth.

Gordon Hawley
8-Jan-2017 10:45
(2 Peter 3 vs 17-18)

Sharing The Love of Christ
This 21 min. message helps us understand hearts are followers of the mind & our minds need to be filled with the teachings of Jesus for our hearts to be Controlled by His love for sharing with others.

Gordon Hawley
17-Jul-2016 10:45
(2 Corinthians 5 vs 14-15)

Praise of God is Essential when we Pray - Psalm 15
In a service full of Praise Gordon in 22 mins explains the importance of starting prayer with Praise using an acronym of P.R.A.Y. He then walks us through Psalm 150 and the Priority of Praise.

Gordon Hawley
26-Jun-2016 10:45
(Psalm 150)

A Message for Pentecost
A 15 min message to make you think about the importance of Pentecost & its associated 6 months of 'ordinary time' prior to Advent. Through the Holy Spirit we become God with 'skin on'.

Gordon Hawley
15-May-2016 10:45
(Matt.16 vs13-17, Acts 2 vs 1-16 & 38-47

Unity in the Company of the Holy Spirit
From Paul in prison, 17 mins of encouragement to remain (keep topped up - we leak!) in the company of the Holy Spirit - explaining the benefits - & Gordon gives some insight from his Ephesus visit.

Gordon Hawley
31-Jan-2016 10:45
(Ephesians 4 vs 1 to 6)

Gordon gives a great snapshot of how amazing the Lord's Giving is - expanding on Jesus' teachings to us on how & why we should cheerfully give - related to TBC 2015 OCC Shoebox campaign.

Gordon Hawley
22-Nov-2015 10:45
(John 3 vs 16-17 Luke 6 vs 38)

Trusting and Obeying
20 mins. Messengers and too easy a cure to trust and obey? Naaman's good news. Do we listen to messengers? Do we love, trust and obey Jesus - telling out the Good News? Go in Peace.

Gordon Hawley
9-Aug-2015 10:45
2 Kings 5 vs 1 to 19

Preparing by Loving
19 mins from Gordon and a Portuguese flock - vital conclusion to series - key to prepare us for judgement day - through acts of kindness in God's love and power - don't be a goat - listen in!

Gordon Hawley
28-Jun-2015 10:45
Matthew 25 verses 31 to 46

Reflects on setbacks of Ruth and Naomi & our own lives - this 20 minute message reminds us of why we should be patient - because we can trust in the Lord that the 'best is yet to come'!

Gordon Hawley
1-Mar-2015 10:45
Book of Ruth

Paradoxes Series: Victory through Surrender
This recording involves a short introduction to paradoxes and a message of about 20 minutes that could seriously change your life for the better!

Gordon Hawley
3-Feb-2013 10:45
Mark 8 verses 31 to 37

Remembering The Miracles
A dynamic chronologic review, lasting about 25 mins, of most of the Bible: to help in Remembering most of the Miracles to encourage us to do as Jesus did, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Gordon Hawley
9-Dec-2012 10:45
Mark 1 vs 21 to 27 and the whole Bible!

Remembering the Message
Starts excellent series on Remembering!This week Remembering a Message about Praising the Lord with all your heart. 2 songs were used during the message:Lord I come to You; The Cross has said it all.

Gordon Hawley
2-Dec-2012 10:45
Psalm 103

The Road to Heaven
A very direct encouraging, and yet challenging, message,which went well with singing and dancing to Heavens Hokey Cokey, plus Ben and Mitchs song The Path to God!

Gordon Hawley
4-Nov-2012 10:45
John 14 vs 1 to 6

Faith - Fruit of The Holy Spirit
Let Jesus carry you over the rocky ravine! Have the faith of a child but stop holding grudges. Better sound and great message.

Gordon Hawley
20-Jul-2012 10:45
Galations 5 and Luke 18

Peace - Fruit of the Holy Spirit
A seven minute sermon to help bring you peace! Congregation looked peaceful - perhaps asleep?

Gordon Hawley
17-Jun-2012 10:45
Galatians 5 vs 13-26

When Water Flowed From A Rock
Are you going through troubles; do you easily get angry with others, do you grumble or complain too much? Perhaps this message will speak to you.

Gordon Hawley
13-May-2012 10:45
Exodus 17 vs 1-7

The Remarkable Convert
Ever wondered if you are too bad to be saved? Or just want to hear some amazing good news to lift you up and spur you on. Listen to this short message.

Gordon Hawley
1-Apr-2012 10:45
Easter Series

Mans Rebellion Against God
Reflects on how we rebel against God in relation to Adam and Eve, Moses, Pharaoh, and the Iraelites. With a potential approach to a useful New Years Resolution

Gordon Hawley
Exodus Series

Baptism and Gods Circles of Love
Matthew 3 vs 13-17

Gordon Hawley
30-Oct-2011 10:45

Johns purifying hope
1 John 3 vs 1-3

Gordon Hawley
16-Oct-2011 10:45
1 John Series

Profess Progress to Perfection.WMA

Gordon Hawley
18-Sep-2011 10:45

Head for the hills.WMA

Gordon Hawley

Great Commssion.WMA
Matthew 28

Gordon Hawley
Mission - The Great Commission

Esther 4 - reacting to challenge
Great message - 3 lessons on how Esther did, and we should, react to challenge by breaking out of cozy bubbles - God using us - weak as we are, to engage with needy people with love and kindness.

Gordon Hawley
24-Oct-2010 10:45
Lost sermon from Oct 2010