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suffering church sunday barnabas fund
When one part of the body hurts, then the whole body hurts. Dr David Dean, CEO of Barnabas Fund, explains why as Christians we should help our suffering brothers & sisters ...

Dr David Dean
27-Oct-2019 10:30

god knows my name
Do you like your name? God does - and he wants our name in his family - find out more ....

Clive Main
9-Jun-2019 10:30

Thy Kingdom Come
All over the world there are pockets of Christians - disciples in God's kingdom. Hear about this special time when we pray that more people will come to know Jesus.

Clive Main
2-Jun-2019 10:30
Praying new people into the Kingdom

The wisdom and the folly
King Solomon was wise when he was young, but foolish when he was old(er). What does this story tell us about our own walk with God?

Clive Main
26-May-2019 10:30
King Solomon's folly

Recognising jesus
Right from the moment we are baptised, we are part of the family of God - and Jesus. Whatever happens, and when we fail, we can recognise Him and turn to Him again and He is over us ....

Rev Unesu Chindabata
5-May-2019 10:30

Seeing is believing?
Thomas had to see & feel Jesus before he would believe that Jesus was alive - how do we encounter the risen, living Jesus?

Clive Main
28-Apr-2019 10:30
Jesus appears to the disciples - including Thomas

Look! What's missing?
So what was different when the women went to the tomb on Easter Day? .... Can you guess? Find out here ....

Clive Main
21-Apr-2019 10:30
Easter Day

don't stay angry
Being angry uses up energy and means that we cannot be the person that God would have us be. Learn more here .......

Stephen Plumb
7-Apr-2019 10:30

rethinking courage
Courage is acknowledging the awful things in our lives and then facing them anyway - and God gives us the strength we need to do this. Hear more .....

Clive Main
31-Mar-2019 10:30

Guilt can eat us up & prevent us from living freely, but we have a way to put it down before God. Stephen explains how .....

Stephen Plumb
17-Mar-2019 10:30

God, where are you?
At times we all wonder where God is when we need him. Find out from the story of Job what we need to remember when we suffer ....

Clive Main
10-Mar-2019 10:30

church membership
Who were the first ever members of the church - and who are members today? What does this mean in practice? Listen on ....

Clive Main
3-Mar-2019 10:30

the christian household
How should a Christian household live - what are our relationships like? Find out more ....

Stephen Plumb
24-Feb-2019 10:30

new lifestyle
Whatever we do, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, Paul tells us - so, how do we do it?

Clive Main
17-Feb-2019 10:30

old clothes, new clothes
Paul tells us in his letter to the Colossians to put off our old clothes and put on new ones - what does this mean for us as Christians?

Clive Main
10-Feb-2019 10:30

13.1.19 good king david - going wrong.mp3
David went wrong - big-time - when he fell for Bathsheba, even going to the lengths of getting her husband killed, to put his crime right. Not what God expects of us .....

Stephen Plumb
13-Jan-2019 10:30

good king david - starting out
King David started out as a good king, but he got his celebrations wrong - and had to start again with God. Find out how .....

Clive Main
6-Jan-2019 10:30

round the back - watchnight service
Do you know this word - NIMBY? Jesus suffered from nimbyism when he was on this earth. Do we suffer from nimbyism when he calls us to accept him as our Saviour? What's all this about? Listen a

Clive Main
31-Dec-2018 11:15

follow the star
As we celebrate this Christmas Day together, we look at how the wise men followed a star - an unexpected guide - to meet & worship a baby who would grow up to fulfil an unexpected task - our God is th

Clive Main
25-Dec-2018 10:30

follow the star
In the Christmas story, we often concentrate on Mary & the baby Jesus. But what of Joseph, who was engaged to Mary when she became pregnant - what was he going to do? Find out here ....

Stephen Plumb
23-Dec-2018 10:30

scandal - carol service
As we prepare to celebrate Christmas - we celebrate - SCANDAL! What? What was that first Christmas all about ....?

Clive Main
16-Dec-2018 17:00

I believe in the life everlasting
Many people's idea of heaven is where you are reunited with loved ones and sit around all day doing exactly as you please. As Christians, what do we expect .....? What's heaven really like?

Clive Main
16-Dec-2018 10:30

the greatest journey
When Mary & Joseph made their way to Bethlehem, they probably had no idea of what was to come for their baby. We find out just why Jesus came ......

Clive Main
9-Dec-2018 10:30

I believe in the resurrection of the body
What does 'the resurrection of the body' mean for us in our ultimate journey to be with the Lord Jesus? Find out here ......

Stephen Plumb
2-Dec-2018 10:30

I believe in the forgiveness of sins
The Apostles' Creed is at the heart of our Christian faith. In the last of our series we find out why it is so important to be right with God and with each other.

Clive Main
25-Nov-2018 10:30

I believe in the communion of saints (in heaven)
We have already explored saints on earth? What happens when they die? Are there saints in heaven? Is there any connection between the two? We consider .....

Veronica Sharpe
18-Nov-2018 10:30

centenary of the armistice
Today we remember the centenary of the Armistice. Was WW1 the war to end all wars? How do we remember?

Clive Main
11-Nov-2018 10:30

I believe in the communion of saints (on earth)
What is a saint? Are there saints on earth? find out here .....

Clive Main
4-Nov-2018 10:30

suffering church sunday
Christians have been persecuted down the centuries - and still are today. What holds us to our Christian faith and would it still be true if we were persecuted?

Clive Main
28-Oct-2018 10:30

Jesus Christ taught his disciples how they should live, and Paul passed this on to the churches he founded. Taking the example of what Paul said to the church in Colossae, we look at how we are to li

Rev Clive Main
21-Oct-2018 10:30

growing pains
The people of Colossae needed to know that Jesus Christ died for them and paid the full price for their sins - for all time. It's the same for us today - and here we find out how relevant that is

Rev Guy Axelson
14-Oct-2018 10:30

the supremacy of christ
Paul wrote to the Colossians because they needed to regain the proper picture of Christ. Here we find the big picture ....

Rev Capt Stephen Plumb, CA
7-Oct-2018 10:30

jealous - or generous
Saul was jealous of David; his son Jonathan was a generous friend to David, even down to giving David his own royal robe. Are we jealous or generous people?

Clive Main
16-Sep-2018 10:30

who is this uncircumcised philistine
Size matters - said an old advert for Renault cars - but the story of David & Goliath says otherwise. What does this story hold for us today?

Clive Main
9-Sep-2018 10:30

looking on the heart
David was a mere shepherd boy, youngest son of Jesse, but he was destined to be anointed King of Israel. We find out how .....

Clive Main
2-Sep-2018 10:30

The bible has teams; here we look at Jacob's team and Jesus' team - but who should have had the yellow and red cards? Would we give ourselves a yellow or red card for the things we do in our

Clive Main
26-Aug-2018 10:30

running the race
Hebrews 12 tells us that we should run the race marked out for us - but how? Find out here ....

Veronica Sharpe
12-Aug-2018 10:30

philemon and onesimus
Philemon is a very little-known book in the New Testament, but the story of Philemon and Onesimus with Paul's involvement shows us that we should welcome each other as Christian brothers and siste

Clive Main
5-Aug-2018 10:30

Many of our teenagers today become involved in drugs and knife crime because they are angry or feel they cannot trust anyone or simply don't know where to turn. Keir Wilson tells us about how XLP

Keir Wilson from XLP
29-Jul-2018 10:30
Gaining trust

priscilla and aquila
All of us - men and women - are equal in God's sight, and he can and will use any and all of us if we let him. Find out here about Priscilla and Aquila, with whom Paul stayed and worked to build

Clive Main
22-Jul-2018 10:30

L plate peter 3
God answers our prayers in amazing ways. Peter was in prison, about to be put on trial and executed by Herod. The Christians in Jerusalem were praying for him, and no-one could have foreseen God'

Clive Main
15-Jul-2018 10:30
Amazing answers to prayer

L plate peter 2
Peter learned that God has no favourites - staying with a tanner and learning that all things called clean by God are acceptable. Find out how important this was for the spread of the early Church an

Clive Main
8-Jul-2018 10:30

L plate peter
Peter the disciple, who often opened his mouth before engaging his brain! He made mistakes, but he learnt from Jesus, his master. We learn how, and how it affects us today.

Clive Main
1-Jul-2018 10:30

the taking of jericho
Jericho was taken in God's way - a lesson in faith and obedience. How was that and what does it mean for us today?

Veronica Sharpe
24-Jun-2018 10:30

a step of faith
Joshua had to take a step of faith in following God's instructions so that the Israelites could cross the Jordan and enter the promised land of Canaan. How was that, and what does it mean for us,

Clive Main
17-Jun-2018 10:30

an unlikely follower
Rahab - a prostitute - following the God of the Israelites?! How did this come about ...... ?

Clive Main
10-Jun-2018 10:30
Rahab? Really?

new era, new leader
Joshua became, after Moses, the new leader of the Israelites who was to lead them into the promised land. How do we spot our new leaders ....?

Catherine Grannum
3-Jun-2018 10:30
Joshua, a new leader

acts 2 42
Fellowship and partnership were two key words in the early church, and they are still important for us now. Find out why .....

Clive Main
27-May-2018 10:30
Fellowship and partnership

hearts on fire, tongues on fire
Where are we? Do we feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit? We explore the birth of the early church at Pentecost.

Clive Main
20-May-2018 10:30
Cold for Christ, or bold for Christ - Pentecost

Thy kingdom come
As we enter a time of praying people into the Kingdom of heaven, why is it so important... ?

Clive Main
13-May-2018 10:30
The kingdom of heaven starts here!

I am the resurrection and the life
Today we explore 'I am the resurrection and the life'. How does this relate to the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead? What does it mean to us ..... ?

Clive Main
6-May-2018 10:30
'I AM' sayings of Jesus

I am the light of the world
How and why did the healing of the blind man lead to Jesus saying 'I am the light of the world'? Why does that matter to us?

Clive Main
8-Apr-2018 10:30
'I AM' sayings of Jesus

easter hoaxes?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Or was the whole Easter story just an elaborate series of hoaxes? Find out here .....

Clive Main
1-Apr-2018 10:30

abraham god's promises in our despair
Advent is a time when we wait, preparing to celebrate again the birth of Jesus and God's salvation plan for us. But it all began long before, with his promises to Abraham ....

Roy Olowu

there were some children
Jesus that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven we should become like little children. What does that mean for us?

Clive Main

there was a seed
Mustard seeds grow into large plants; the news of the kingdom of God spread from one man worldwide through the ages, and we are all welcome. Find out how the mustard seed grew ...

Clive Main

there were some weeds
Jesus told the parable of the wheat and tares - weeds. Where are our weeds? What do we do about them?

Clive Main

I am not ashamed
On Suffering Church Sunday we think about those who are imprisoned or put to death because they stood up for Christ and were not ashamed to do so. Are we ashamed to speak of our Christian faith?

Clive Main

face to face
God spoke to Moses face to face. How do we speak to, and listen to, God?

Clive Main

laws for life
In the laws of life which God have us we are told to honour our father and mother - how do we do that today?

Clive Main

3.9.17 baptism & confirmation.mp3
What does it mean to follow Jesus? Find out here.

Rt Rev Adrian Newman, Bishop of Stepney

the wilderness years
The Israelites grumbled when there was no food in the desert - but God provided. Hear how God still provides for us and what to do when we grumble ....

Guy Axelson

for the glory of god alone
Doing everything for the glory of God alone was a key Reformation principle. What do we do and how has the Reformation impacted on us today?

Veronica Sharpe

now you're speaking my language
Martin Luther started the Reformation, but who brought us the bible so we can read it for ourselves today?

Clive Main

the joyful exchange
Martin Luther discovered 'the joyful exchange' - what is it and what does it mean for us today. Find out here.

Clive Main

love the lord
The greatest commandment is this .... love the Lord ..... why?

Veronica Sharpe

who is jesus part 1
Jesus asked his disciples to say who he was. Who do we think Jesus is?

Clive Main

Clive Main

the great banquet
This story shows us the good news that God invites everyone to his house. But have we accepted the invitation?

clive main

labourers in the vineyard
The kingdom of heaven is topsy-turvy by our world's standards. Find out why.

Clive Main

made for relationship
God created man and woman and we are unique. He made us for relationship - find out more.

clive main

blessed and holy
God finished his creation by resting on the seventh day and told us to do the same. Why is it important - do we do it?

Veronica Sharpe

made in his image part 3
God made us to rule over other living creatures and over the earth. How well do we do it?

clive main

made in his image part 2
God made us in his image.

clive main

made in his image part 1
God crowned his creation by creating us - man and woman. Find out more.

clive main

in the beginning
A brief look at creation - theology or science or both?

clive main

the groaning of the spirit
Do you feel like giving up? Than this message from Romans 8 is for you.

Guy Axelson
25-Jun-2017 10:30

the spirit of adoption
As followers of Jesus, we are all God's adopted children. Hear how this is.

Roy Olowu
18-Jun-2017 10:30

a hand held, a hand held out part 2
How can we hold out a hand to others as Barnabas did?

clive main
11-Jun-2017 10:30

a hand held, a hand held out part 1
How did Barnabas hold out his hand to others? Find out here

clive main

The substitute
Abram & Sarai decided to take matters into their own hands. Do we, to our detriment?

Susie Paddock

life in the Spirit
What is life in the Holy Spirit? How do we know we have the Holy Spirit in us?

Clive Main

new names
God gave Abram & Sarai new names. What would it be like if God gave us a new name?

Catherine Grannum

Abram made a bad choice when he presented Sarai as his sister to Pharoah. What are we like when it comes to making choices?

Clive Main

the promise
The start of a series on Abraham. Today we look at God's promise to him.

Veronica Sharpe

the risen christ
Jesus Christ rose - really! What happened when he came to the disciples?

clive main

prepare for the unexpected
Jesus meets us in unexpected ways

susie paddock

god's surprise
What was God's surprise?

clive main

preparations for the resurrection - Easter Sunday
What preparations were there for the resurrection?

clive main

easter day - prpeparations
What preparations did Jesus make for Easter?

clive main

preparing for battle - palm sunday
Why did Jesus go public on Palm Sunday? What was happening?

clive main

a generous attitude with money
The Bible teaches us to be generous in all things, including our money

clive main

a faithful attitude to money
We need to be faithful in all things, including the use of our money

clive main

prudent with money
The Bible teaches us to be prudent, including the use of our money

clive main

worshipping money
Is money our god? It shouldn't be!

clive main

New Year Resolutions.mp3
Clothing ourselves anew with Gods gifts

Veronica Sharpe
Colossians 3 v12-17

Are you ready?
Jesus is coming, are you ready?

Jane Franklin
Luke 21 v25-36

Learning from Mark
Being inspired by the Lord

Revd Jeremy Hutchinson
Mark 13 v1-8

All Saints Day
Who can enter the Kingdom of God?

Revd Clive Main
Hebrews 9:11-14; Mark 12:28-34

Jesus be the Centre
For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Revd Clive Main
Mark 10 v35-45

Harvest Thanksgiving
Baked Beans in the Harvest Story

Veronica Sharpe
Joel 2:21-27; Matthew 6:25-33

History of the Hackney Marsh Team.mp3
Looking back at the formation of the Hackney Marsh Parish

Jenny Brailsford
Mark 1.1-8