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Richard Duckworth

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Farewell Testimony
Richard gives us such a powerful testimony - do listen to this. So sad to see Richard and Hazel leave us as they go to serve the lord in North Wales! Yorkshire's loss - is definitely a Welsh gain!

Richard Duckworth
16-Jul-2017 10:45
(Colossians 3 vs 12-17)

A Supernatural Conception & some!
Powerful 30 min message at communion Advent service welcoming new member Darren. Hear Richard on supernatural conception, salvation, & God with us. Then Hazel's beautiful Nativity song.

Richard Duckworth
6-Dec-2015 10:45
(Matthew 1 vs 18 to 25)

The Body of Christ
Richard, gently but passionaetely, inspired the body of believers at Treeton with this 20 minute message based mainly on 1 Corrinthians 12.

Richard Duckworth
12-May-2013 10:45
1 Corinthians 12

Heaven and things to come: Rapture Before Heaven
Every minute of this Message is definitely worth listening to - about 20 minutes or so - I then forgot to switch off recording device - so you get a couple of songs, prayers and lively congregation!

Richard Duckworth
21-Oct-2012 10:45
1 Thessalonians 4 - 13

Looking Like Winners
Deep Joy! Wonderful to have Richard back again! Loved the imagery of Chariots of Fire. A truly encouraging message.

Richard Duckworth
26-Aug-2012 10:45
Hebrews 12 vs 1 to 4

JOY - Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Excellent Message - sorry about the sound quality - cant wait to have Richard back with us again - he is a joy to have around!

Richard Duckworth
10-Jun-2012 10:45
Galatians 5