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Bags of Gold
Rev. Luke Wickings delves into The Parable of the Bags of Gold, and how it is still relevant to our lives today. Matthew 25:14-30

Rev. Luke Wickings
19-Nov-2023 10:00
Bags of Gold

The Day of the Lord
Daniel brings us our Sermon on this Remembrance Sunday, looking at The Day of the Lord, and what it means for us today. Amos 5:18-27; Matthew 25:1-13; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Daniel Raybould
12-Nov-2023 10:00

Suffering to Glory
Ken brings us a sermon looking at Suffering to Glory. Psalm 65; Romans 8:18-25

Ken Lowes
29-Oct-2023 10:00

5 Marks of Mission - Transform
Our guest speaker, Phil Hutchinson, from Christians Against Poverty (CAP) continues our 5 Marks of Mission Series, looking at Transform, and the work CAP does with people struggling with poverty. Amos

Phil Hutchinson
22-Oct-2023 10:00
Transform Unjust Structures of Society

Encounter: Moses, Serving God
Our guest speaker, The Ven. Peter Farley-Moore (Archdeacon of Hackney) speaks to us at our Encounter Event about Moses, Encountering God, and being called to serve Him. Exodus 3:1-12

The Ven. Peter Farley-Moore
15-Oct-2023 17:00
Moses, Encountering and Serving God

Job: Suffering and Trust
Becky Whiting, our Lay Reader, brings us an in-depth discussion into the Story of Job; his suffering and ongoing trust in God. Job 2:11-13; Mark 10:46-52

Becky Whiting
15-Oct-2023 10:00

Lectionary Teaching
Ken brings us a sermon based on the Lectionary Readings: Exodus 20:1-4,7-9,12-20; Matthew 21:33-46

Ken Lowes
8-Oct-2023 10:00

The 5 Marks of Mission - Teach The Good News
We continue our 5 Marks of Mission Sermon Series. Pauls brings us our second installment: Teaching The Good News. Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Matthew 28: 19-20

Paul Tavener
24-Sep-2023 10:00

The 5 Marks of Mission - Tell the Good News
Rev. Carolyn Lucas continues our series on The 5 Marks of Mission, and how we are called to go and Tell others the Good News of Jesus. Isaiah 61:1-3; Mark 1:1-8

Rev. Carolyn Lucas
17-Sep-2023 10:00
5 Marks of Mission - Tell

The 5 Marks of Mission - Intro
Rev. Nicholas Lebey introduces our next series of Sermons - The 5 Marks of Mission. Tune in as he delves into what this series has in store for us. 1 John 4:7-17

Rev. Nicholas Lebey
10-Sep-2023 10:00
Marks of Mission

Bishop Martin Gainsborough visits us today, bringing with him a sermon based on conflict; what the bible teaches us about it, and how we are called to respond. Genesis 28: 10-19; Matthew 13: 24-30, 36

Bishop Martin Gainsborough
23-Jul-2023 10:00

Parable of the Sower
Ken Lowes brings us a teaching on The Parable of the Sower. Genesis 25:19-end; Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23

Ken Lowes
16-Jul-2023 10:00

QJ Tavener and Rev. Nicholas Lebey discuss the importance of Safeguarding within the church. Psalm 91: 1-16; Matthew 11:16-19, 25-end

QJ Tavener / Nicholas Lebey
9-Jul-2023 10:00

Welcoming Jesus
Rachel talks to us about welcoming Jesus into our lives and homes. Matthew 10:40-42

Rachel Whitelaw
2-Jul-2023 10:00
Welcoming Jesus

Dare to be Disciples
Rev. Carolyn Lucas brings us a sermon based on John 10:24-39, looking into some of the challenges faced by those who are disciples of Jesus

Carolyn Lucas
25-Jun-2023 10:00
John 10:24-39

Rev. Nicholas Lebey brings us an in-depth look into Stewardship: How we can use our God-given gifts to further God's Kingdom here on Earth. Matthew 25:14-29

Nicholas Lebey
18-Jun-2023 10:00

Love and Fruit
Paul brings us an in-depth look into John 15:12-17, looking at how we can demonstrate God's Love to others; being Fruit to those around us

Paul Tavener
11-Jun-2023 10:00
John 15: 12-17

Jesus' Great Prayer
Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement where we are called to pray for those around us between Ascension and Pentecost. Listen in as Daniel delves into Jesus' Great Prayer. John 17

Daniel Raybould
21-May-2023 10:00
John 17, Thy Kingdom Come

Time for Change
Tune in Rev Carolyn Lucas discusses Change, and how Jesus teaches us to embrace and grow with it. John 14:15-21

Carolyn Lucas

How can we know Jesus?
Listen into our All Age Sermon as Rob dives into how we can come to Know Jesus more and more. John 14:1-13

Rob Lelltiot
7-May-2023 10:00
The Way, Truth, and The Life

Road to Emmaus
Tune in to Rachel bringing us a sermon exploring the journey Jesus took along the Road to Emmaus. Psalms 66:8-10,12; Luke 24:13-35. The song mentioned at the end is: Reckless Love - Bethel

Rachel Whitelaw
23-Apr-2023 10:00

Easter - Jesus is Alive
Alleluia! Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! Listen to Rev. Carolyn Lucas brings us a sermon on the Resurrection of Jesus and its significance to our faith - Matthew 28:1-10; Acts 10: 34-43

Carolyn Lucas
9-Apr-2023 10:00
Jesus is Alive

Encountering Jesus
Our guest speaker, Dr Jasper Rutherford, visits us from Northern Ireland to talk to us about Encountering Jesus - Genesis 16:1-13; John 4:1-14

Dr Jasper Rutherford
Encountering Jesus

Simplicity and Service
Tune in to Rev. Helen Hancock as she brings us the next installment in our Celebration of Discipline Lent Course - Simplicity and Service.
Amos 5: 11-15; Luke 10:29-37

Helen Hancock
12-Mar-2023 10:00
Lent - Celebration of Discipline

Inward Disciples - Meditation
Listen to Rev. Nicoholas Lebey bring us a sermon on Meditation, as part of our Celebration of Discipline Lent Course

Rev. Nicholas Lebey
5-Mar-2023 10:00
Meditation and Study

From Worry to Trust
Tune in to Daniel Raybould deliver a sermon on how we can build our trust in God. Romans 8:8-25; Matthew 6:25-34

Daniel Raybould
12-Feb-2023 10:00
Trusting in God

David and Abigail
Listen to Carolyn Lucas as she brings us a sermon about David and Abigail, and how anger affects everyone of us from 1 Samuel 25

Carolyn Lucas
9-Feb-2020 10:00
King David

Storms of Life - Acts 27+28
Listen to Rev. Michael Johns-Perring talk to us about the Storms of Life based on Acts 27 and 28 - Johns Shipwreck in Malta

Michael Johns-Perring
19-Jan-2020 10:00

Listen to Becky as she speaks to us on 1 Samuel 16: Leadership

Becky Whiting
22-Sep-2019 10:00

The Good Samaritan
Listen to Helen talk to us about The Good Samaritan

Helen Hancock
14-Jul-2019 10:00
The Good Samaritan

And Obey Him Alone
Listen to Carolyn Lucas take to us about Obedience to God

Carolyn Lucas
23-Jun-2019 10:00

Return of the Ark
Listen to Rachel as she talks to us about the Return of the Ark

Rachel Whitelaw
16-Jun-2019 10:00

John the Baptist Prepares the Way
Listen to Daniel as he talks about John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus

Daniel Raybould

The Jesus Manifesto
Tune in to our guest speaker Heather Lodge, lay-reader at Tolworth UR, as she talks to us about The Jesus Manifesto

Heather Lodge
20-Jan-2019 10:00
Jesus, Justice

Advent - Mary
Listen to Carolyn Lucas as she talks to us about Mary in our Season of Advent

Carolyn Lucas
9-Dec-2018 10:00

Fruits of the Spirit - Gentleness and Self-Control
Listen to the final installment of our Fruits of the Spirit series - Gentleness and Self-Control

Ann Davidson
25-Nov-2018 10:00
Fruits of the Spirit

The Person of the Holy Spirit
The first installment of our Holy Spirit series - The Person of the Holy Spirit

Carolyn Lucas
12-Aug-2018 10:00
Holy Spirit

The Habits of a Servant Leader
The fourth installment into our Servant Leadership series - The Habits of a Servant Leader

Becky Whiting
29-Jul-2018 10:00
Servant Leadership