Growth and Prayer

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Rob White- Teach Us To Pray
Rob and Marion White where with us on Sunday 15th May and Rob shared with us all about Prayer from his new book Teach us to pray. Rob and Marion have been good friends of King's for nearly ten yea

Rob White
Teach Us To Pray

Rod Fairbrother- Keep On Praying
Our friend's Rodney and Margaret joined us for the week as Rodney shared about Keep on Praying. Rodney shared lots of brilliant truths about prayer and encouraged us to keep on praying

Rod Fairbrother
Keep On Praying

Keith Wadhams- Praying Together
Keith looks at what it means to pray, what it means to pray together and what it looks like.

Keith Wadhams
Praying Together

Freda Westwood- Praying like Jesus
Freda continues our series looking at praying like Jesus.

Freda Westwood
Praying like Jesus

Sarah Close- God is Able
Sarah looks at how God is Able as we start to focus on Prayer and how this is a huge foundation of everything we do and a huge key to growing in God

Sarah Close
God is Able

John Kell- Growing Beyond Limitations
John looks at how God wants us to grow beyond our limits. Our God is the God of the impossible. A God who is limitless and with who all things are possible

John kell
Growing Beyond Limitations

Ronnie Edwards- Growth For The Sake Of The World
Ronnie looks at the reason we want to grow- for the sake of the world. Ronnie unpacks the idea of how we should share the good news of Jesus as it can change lives

Ronnie Edwards
Growth For The Sake Of The World

Graham Kell- Growth
Graham shares his thoughts about growth as Matthew is dedicated.

Graham Kell

Jessica Kell- Ingredients For Growth
Jessica continues our series on Growth and looks what are the ingredients for growing both in our walks with God and as a church

Jessica Kell
Ingredients For Growth

John Seddon- Growing From Assurance to Purpose
John looks at how we can go from that assurance of eternal life into a life full of purpose, a life walking in the fullness of God.

John Seddon
28-Feb-2016 10:30
Growing From Assurance to Purpose

David Kell- A Heart To Grow
David starts our new series looking at Growth. As a church we believe that 2016 is a year of Going for Growth, this series is about unpacking what Growth looks like and how we practically make it happ

David Kell
A Heart To Grow