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Studies in Ecclesiastes

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15. The Preacher's Big Idea!
The Preacher in Ecclesiastes calls us to apply God's word to our lives, finding delight and discomfort, and to recognise that the world we live in belongs to God.

Gary Ellison
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

14. Forget Me Not
Youth is not the answer to finding joy, instead we will find joy in God by remembering what He has done for us.

Gary Ellison
Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8

13. Kingdom Work
A sovereign God is no excuse for laziness, instead the people of God are to be diligent workers for His kingdom.

Gary Ellison
21-Feb-2021 11:00
Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

12. Power and Wisdom
Power can be detrimental in the wrong hands and beneficial in the right hands, so the wisdom of God is needed for those who exercise it and we who deal with them.

Gary Ellison
Ecclesiastes 9:13 -10:20

11. Enjoy Today
As we are mortal and our end is unexpected, we should bring glory to God by enjoying His good gifts to us today.

Gary Ellison
Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

10. The Wise Disciple
Wisdom is helpful in the fallen world we live in, but it has limitations.

Gary Ellison
Ecclesiastes 8:1-17

9. Responding to the Sovereign God
In a confusing world, we must respond in worship to the work of a sovereign God.

Gary Ellison
17-Jan-2021 11:00
Ecclesiastes 7:15-29

8. Knowing What is Good for Us.
God's plan and purposes are being worked out in the good situations we face but also when we experience adversity.

Gary Ellison
10-Jan-2021 11:00
Ecclesiastes 6:10 -7:14

7. Money, Money, Money
The wealth that the world offers cannot satisfy or bring joy. Pursuing Christ brings a contentment that the world cannot offer.

Gary Ellison
21-Jun-2020 11:00

6. Worshipping God
In a 'me-centred' world we need to be careful to not make worship of God all about us. We must listen to God, be careful what we say and keep our word.

Gary Ellison
14-Jun-2020 11:00

5. The Grace of God's Community
God has not created us to exist as individuals, but to live together as a group.

Gary Ellison
7-Jun-2020 11:00

4. Work in a Fallen World
As followers of Jesus we are called to work with humility in a world full of wickedness, oppression, jealousy and laziness.

Gary Ellison
24-May-2020 11:00

3. Knowing the Sovereign God
The God we are called to know is a sovereign God. We must respond in worship, gratitude and by doing good!

Gary Ellison
17-May-2020 11:00

2. Finding Meaning in an Empty World
Meaning is only found in knowing God and recognising that everything we have is from his hand.

Gary Ellison
10-May-2020 11:00
Ecclesiastes1:12 - 2:26

1. This World Offers Nothing
Working 'under the sun' will bring no gain!

Gary Ellison
3-May-2020 11:00