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David Harvey

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Examples of Christian Living
Great message (in 24 mins)from David helping us to understand how we should act out our Christian living - developing the examples in the passage (2 good exhibiting love - one bad exhibiting pride).

David Harvey
15-Mar-2020 10:45
(3 John)

Mercy on Sinners
David gives us another great sermon - 27 minutes well spent!

David Harvey
27-Oct-2019 10:45
(Luke 18 vs 9 to 14)

Jesus the Healer
In 23 mins - a great message with usual sound Biblical teaching - on the forgiveness of sin & subsequent healing of the paralytic & on to 3 amazing guarantees we have from God.

David Harvey
26-Aug-2018 10:45
(Mark 2 vs 1 to 12)

Good is good
Firstly - sorry for the quality of the sound this week! David as usual gave us a great Biblically sound message - in just 15 mins - on being transformed to be more like Christ.

David Harvey
3-Jun-2018 10:45
(Colossians 3 vs 1 to 17)

The Sheep and the Goats
Excellent 31 minutes of sound Bible based teaching from David gave us plenty to think about with respect to judgement day.

David Harvey
10-Dec-2017 10:45
(Matthew 25 vs 31 to 46)

One thankful man
Great message linked to 500th anniversary of Reformation. An encouragement to read & act upon God's word. What amazing grace as we are saved (like the thankful leper). Praise & glorify God!

David Harvey
20-Aug-2017 10:45
Luke 17 vs 11- 19

Follow Me
Listen to this simple but great 24 min message from David. Be encouraged now (!) - and if you haven't heard the good news before this could be the best thing you ever do! Accept God's GRACE!

David Harvey
19-Mar-2017 10:45
(Matthew 4 vs 18-22)

Why Jesus Came
30 min challenging message on how to: address our sins, react to suffering, fight the devil - to become more like Jesus - leading us to glory and life - because of God's unconditional love for us.

David Harvey
27-Nov-2016 10:45
(1 John 3:5-8, 4:9)

Fellowship Joy Forgiveness
Great message from David. From lighthouses to self exam against Galatians - sins & fruits of the Spirit. From Paxman quote - to truth of the Bible on meaning of life. Forgiveness Fellowship & Joy!

David Harvey
16-Oct-2016 10:45
(1 John 1 vs 1-10)

A Steadfast Hope
A wonderful 23 minute message from David that provided encouragement and hope for our way forward - tying in 'God-incidentally' with a recent Diaconate 'Away Day'.

David Harvey
29-May-2016 10:45
(1 Thessalonians 1 vs 1-10)

The Pattern of Sound Teaching
David's 27 minute talk 'soundly' & topically helps us understand Paul's message to Timothy - expanding on our role in keeping to the Pattern of Sound Teaching and in passing it on!

David Harvey
10-Jan-2016 10:45
(2 Timothy 1 vs 8-14)

Fear God and Serve Him
Excellent 30 minute sermon from David. Wonderful summary of God's Covenant and build-up for us to want to say 'as for me and my house - we will serve the Lord'!

David Harvey
13-Sep-2015 10:45
(Joshua 24 vs 13 to 16)

Bad people go to Heaven
Great sermon as usual by David Harvey - bad people go to Heaven - good people go to Hell. The time (29 mins) just flashed by.

David Harvey
1-Feb-2015 10:45
Matthew 9 vs 9-13