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How to Find Real Joy
In less than 7 minutes Chris gave us a simple but very meaningful message about how to find real joy at Christmas - or indeed at any time!

Chris Nuttall
25-Dec-2017 10:45
(Matthew 2 vs 1 to 15)

The Sheep and the Goats
Excellent 31 minutes of sound Bible based teaching from David gave us plenty to think about with respect to judgement day.

David Harvey
10-Dec-2017 10:45
(Matthew 25 vs 31 to 46)

God Speaks and His Words Guide Us
In 21 minutes Debbie gave us excellent guidance from God for any church seeking the way forward - praise be to The Holy Spirit!

Debbie Pearson
3-Dec-2017 10:45
(Acts 6 vs 1 to 7)

God Speaks and we Must Obey His Word
Margaret gave a great 17 min message. Listen more to each other & especially to God - be slower to speak & slow to anger! Learn (Bible mirror!) what God wants you to do & DO IT - with salt & light!

Margaret Dimberline
19-Nov-2017 10:45
(James 1 vs 19 - 25)

God speaks and we can trust His Word
In 18 minutes Bob gave us a fascinating and heart felt message relating back to his times in Argentina when he was translating the Bible there. An absolute must to listen to!

Bob Lunt
5-Nov-2017 10:45
(2 Timothy 3 vs 16-17)

One thankful man
Great message linked to 500th anniversary of Reformation. An encouragement to read & act upon God's word. What amazing grace as we are saved (like the thankful leper). Praise & glorify God!

David Harvey
20-Aug-2017 10:45
Luke 17 vs 11- 19

Through the Red Sea - 19 mins.WMA
In just 19 minutes Terry gave us great in depth teaching on Exodus 14. Encouragement for when we face obstacles in life - trust God to bring you - but with His timing - His plan.

Terry Irwin
30-Jul-2017 10:45
(Exodus 14)

Farewell Testimony
Richard gives us such a powerful testimony - do listen to this. So sad to see Richard and Hazel leave us as they go to serve the lord in North Wales! Yorkshire's loss - is definitely a Welsh gain!

Richard Duckworth
16-Jul-2017 10:45
(Colossians 3 vs 12-17)

Amusing 6 min take on Exodus 8 vs 1-15. The large congregation, who'd enjoyed a lively Baby Dedication service, heard about plagues of Frogs in our lives & how to get rid of them!

Chris Nuttall
9-Jul-2017 10:45
(Exodus 8 vs 1 to 15)

To God be the Glory
Gordon gives us a 'spectacular' (even without slides) 19 min Psalm 19 message - on God's glorious creation - with great New Testament links to help draw others to God. To God be the Glory!

Gordon Hawley
21-May-2017 10:45
(Psalm 19)

The Metaphors of Christ - take refuge!
Chris gives a short (8 minute) but sweet message - from metaphors (Isaiah 32 verse 2) leading to the main topic - the refuge we have in Christ Jesus - He's all we need!

Chris Nuttall
14-May-2017 10:45
(Isaiah 32 verse 2)

Debbie's great 16 min Spirit led message - from Toxic atmosphere and stagnant churches to the movement and wind of the Holy Spirit - helping us to add one to 3000 to our numbers!

Debbie Pearson
7-May-2017 10:45
(Acts 2 vs 1 to 5)

Seeing Jesus
Mary gives us an unusual and excellent'Resurrection' half hour message - based initially on Luke 24 verses 13 to 35 - encouraging and helping us, and others, to see Jesus.

Mary Taylor
30-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 24 verses 13 to 35)

Being at the feet of Jesus
Lovely 15 minute message from Chris highlighting the seven ways to be at the feet of Jesus where we should want to be - leading us indeed to His Home Sweet Home!

Chris Nuttall
23-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 8 vs 26 to 39)

Easter Message
Our Pastor Chris Nuttall led an amazing Easter Service that included this short (less than 10 minute) but powerful message.

Chris Nuttall
16-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 23 vs 32 to 43)

Peace, Be Still
Gordon starts by almost literally turning a Baptist Chapel upside down - really feel the storms of life - along with the original disciples - and then know how to experience PEACE from the Lord!

Gordon Hawley
9-Apr-2017 10:45
(Mark 4 verses 35 to 41)

Jesus of Nazareth is Passing By
17 minutes from Chris - well worth a listen. Humour as usual and even a rare snatch of singing voice! It's now or never - it's time to cry out to Jesus!

Chris Nuttall
2-Apr-2017 10:45
(Luke 18 vs 31 to 43)

The Great Commission
25 min (recorder froze!) - new approach to Matt 28. Jesus trusts disciples with the Great Commission- albeit through the Holy Spirit's power/protection. How do we entrust/protect those we love?

Chris Nuttall
26-Mar-2017 10:45
(Matthew 28 vs 16-20)

Follow Me
Listen to this simple but great 24 min message from David. Be encouraged now (!) - and if you haven't heard the good news before this could be the best thing you ever do! Accept God's GRACE!

David Harvey
19-Mar-2017 10:45
(Matthew 4 vs 18-22)

The Mature Christian
Debbie's 25 great mins (with 3 lively toddlers). Background on Ephesians & then specifics on how to become a mature Christian. Holy Spirit & Jesus on hand to help. Get drunk on the Holy Spirit.

Debbie Pearson
22-Jan-2017 10:45
(Ephesians 5 vs 15 to 21)

Growing through Trials
Chris gave a stirring Church Anniversary 15 minute message - Growing through Trials - gifts of Grace resulting in greater fellowship with Jesus. Attacked by the enemy but perfected by Christ!

Chris Nuttall
15-Jan-2017 10:45
(1 Peter 4 vs 12 to 14)

What we need to know to grow
A three pronged 19 min message to remind us of 'what we need to know to grow': the 8 graces; plant life destruction analogy; and 5 'common' things needed for growth.

Gordon Hawley
8-Jan-2017 10:45
(2 Peter 3 vs 17-18)

Three Persons Present Today
In 17 mins jolted from 3 wise men into the Creeds(!) - then onto a heartfelt message - including many direct words from Jesus about 'the Trinity' - what a team to have supporting us!

Chris Nuttall
1-Jan-2017 10:45
(John 15 vs 26 to 16 vs 15)