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The Long Road HomeLong Road Home

Life as a pilgrim, Psalms 120-134

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15. Faithful: God must be praised (Psalm 134)
God must be praised and enjoyed for who He is and what He has done for His people.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 134:1-3

14. Faithful: The blessing of unity (Psalm 133)
God in His faithfulness has given us a people and has facilitated unity through Christ, by His Spirit, which is a rich blessing to us.

Gary Ellison
6-Sep-2020 11:00
Psalm 133:1-3

13.Faithful: God keeps His word (Psalm132)
Gods faithfulness to us calls us to respond in faithfulness to Him.

Gary Ellison

12. Humility Before God in Suffering. (Psalm131)
Suffering forces us to be humble. Suffering enables us to recognise our limitations as humans, to remember our status as children of God and realise our destiny in heaven.

Gary Ellison
16-Aug-2020 11:00
Psalm 131:1-3

11. Waiting for God in Suffering (Psalm130)
God's character means we can wait on him when we face suffering.

Gary Ellison
9-Aug-2020 11:00
Psalm 130:1-8

10. Persecution and Our Response (Psalm 129)
This psalm of ascent teaches us how to pray for our persecuted brethren across the world and helps us to see the rules for Christians about anger.

Graham Cheesman
2-Aug-2020 11:00
Psalm 129:1-8

9. Blessed (Psalm 128)
A call in the midst of uncertainty to pursue 'the good life' as God defines it: the blessing of a stable family life and a place among God's people guided by the fear of the Lord.

Paul Coulter
20-Jul-2020 11:00
Psalm 128:1-6

8. Restoration: Only God can do it (Psalm 127)
While we are called to hard work for the kingdom, we must understand that without God that work will have no lasting value.

12-Jul-2020 11:00
Psalm 127:1-5

7. Restoration: Do it again God! (Psalm 126)
God has revived the church in the past and he can do it again!

Gary Ellison
5-Jul-2020 11:00
Psalm 126:1-6

6. The Resurrection Secures Survival
Our only security in this world is found in trusting God. That security is evidenced in Christ's victory over the enemy through His resurrection.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 125:1-5

5. Remember, The Sovereign God Enables Survival
We often forget that we are totally dependent upon God. Psalm 124 reminds us of Gods rescue and calls us to praise Him for it. This causes us to remember that we are totally reliant upon God.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 124:1-8

4. The Sovereign God Enables Survival
How will we survive? The only way to survive in a hostile land is by patiently looking to the hand of the sovereign God because he is the source of all mercy.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 123:1-4

3. A Home Without Hostility
Even though we live in a land that is hostile Psalm 122 assures us that the church provides a home without hostility.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 122:1-9

2. Help in the Face of Hostility
This psalm is packed full of encouragement. God is our help in this hostile land; He is faithful, He is close and He is strong.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 121:1-8

1. Living in a Hostile Land
As Gods people we live in a hostile land. This psalm reminds us that we can call out to God and He will finally vindicate us, but we must be patient.

Gary Ellison
Psalm 120:1-7