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The Suffering Son of God

Studies in the Gospel of Mark

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2. A Priority Message
What was Jesus priority while he was here on earth? This text tells us that he came to share a message.

Gary Ellison

3. Jesus Came to Save Sinners
What was Jesus purpose while he was here on earth? As only Jesus has the ability to cleanse us from sin and make us right before God, we see that his purpose was to save sinners.

Gary Ellison
18-Mar-2018 11:00

5. Jesus Brings Opposition
Following in the footsteps of a crucified Saviour means we will likely face suffering as opposed to health, wealth and prosperity.

Gary Ellison
8-Apr-2018 11:00
Mark 3:7-35

6. God's Kingdom Will Grow
In spite of the opposition we might face for the message of the kingdom, we are assured in this text that the kingdom of God will grow!

Gary Ellison
15-Apr-2018 11:00

7. Who is Jesus?
Have you ever asked that question? The Bible reveals Jesus as the God-man and that the only logical response to Jesus is faith!

22-Apr-2018 11:00

8. The Seriousness of Rejecting Jesus
There is a stark reminder in Mark 6 that rejecting Jesus, no matter what the reason is, has serious consequences.

Gary Ellison

9. Jesus is the Faithful Shepherd
Have you ever felt lost and hopeless? The Bible makes sense of that condition and points us to the faithful Shepherd who will rescue us!

Gary Ellison
3-Jun-2018 11:00

10. It's what's on the inside that counts!
In a world that is fixated on appearance Jesus makes clear to us that focusing on the outside can do nothing for our rotten hearts.

Gary Ellison
10-Jun-2018 11:00

11. One for All
No people group is treated differently before God, all humanity have sinned against God and all need to be made right with God through Jesus. Jesus is the Messiah for all peoples!

Gary Ellison
17-Jun-2018 11:00

12. Jesus Opens the Eyes of the Blind
Salvation is all of grace because only Jesus can open the eyes of the blind.

Gary Ellison
1-Jul-2018 11:00

13. Suffering for the Suffering Son of God
Suffering should not surprise us since we follow the Son of God who suffered for us.

Gary Ellison
8-Jul-2018 11:00

15. The Gospel Changes Our Hearts
The flesh causes us to use marriage for convenience, treat those who are not useful with little value and try to use money for ourselves. The gospel changes our hearts!

Gary Ellison
22-Jul-2018 11:00

16. Following the Way of Service
Jesus paved the way for service and so we must follow the way of service.

Gary Ellison
5-Aug-2018 11:00

17. On Royal Duty
Jesus is the long awaited king who has come to make the way for humanity to have a restored relationship with God.

Gary Ellison
19-Aug-2018 11:00

18. The King and His Kingdom
Jesus has the authority to act like he did and teach what he did because he is the Son of God.

Gary Ellison
2-Sep-2018 11:00

19. A Tale of Two Kingdoms
There is a distinct difference between those who are a part of the kingdom of God and those who are a part of the kingdom of this world.

Gary Ellison
14-Oct-2018 11:00

20. Waiting for Jesus
Jesus is coming again and that is for certain! How do we know? The temple was destroyed.

Gary Ellison
21-Oct-2018 11:00

21. Preparations for the Final Passover
Jesus is the final Passover lamb. His death, burial and resurrection remind us that through his substitutionary death we are released from slavery to sin and death and Satan.

Gary Ellison
4-Nov-2018 11:00

22. 'When the going gets tough...'
In the face of suffering Jesus was faithful and the disciples were not. In Jesus' faithfulness we receive the perfect record and the ability to say no to temptation.

Gary Ellison
11-Nov-2018 11:00

23. The King is Rejected
Throughout Mark Jesus has been concealing his identity, now that he reveals it he is totally rejected and all mankind is guilty.

Gary Ellison
18-Nov-2018 11:00

24. The King is Killed
The one on whom all hopes for the kingdom rest is killed. But in his death, he fulfils his purpose as part of the kingdom plan.

Gary Ellison
2-Dec-2018 11:00

25. The King is Resurrected
The resurrection has changed everything.

Gary Ellison
9-Dec-2018 11:00