Continuous Work-Out

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Courage not Compromise - Freda Westwood
Freda concludes our series Continuous Work-Out looking at Courage not Compromise.

Freda Westwood
Courage Not Compromise

Honour Not Dishonour - Keith Wadhams
Keith continues our series Continuous Work-Out and looks at Honouring not dishonouring.

Keith Wadhams
Honour not Dishonour

Faith Not Fear - David Kell
David continues our series continuous work-out and looks at how we can be a people of Faith not Fear, while also telling us about his obsession for red cars!

David Kell
Faith Not Fear

The Mind Of Christ - John Seddon
John continues our series Continuous Work Out by looking at how we have the mind of Christ.

John Seddon
The Mind of Christ

Application Not Theory - Andrew Moore
Andrew looks at how we need to apply the bible to our lives rather than just learn the theory.

Andrew Moore
Application Not Theory

Brokenness Not Pride - Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie continued our series Continuous Workout by looking at how God requires us to come broken and that actually that is a place of strength. And not to become a proud people

Ronnie Edwards
29-Jan-2017 10:00
Brokenness Not Pride

Continuous Work-Out - Jessica Kell
Jessica begins our series looking at working out our salvation from Philippians 2 v12 & 13. Jessica lays a great foundation for this series.

Jessica Kell
22-Jan-2017 10:30
Continuous Work-Out