St Andrew's

Preaching the Good News to Frimley Green & Mytchett

Exodus SeriesA series from Exodus 1-12 preached from April to June 2019.

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Passover Night
The Great Escape Part 6 - Exodus 12:1-13:22

Linked File: Outline-20190602.pdf

Suresh Menon
2-Jun-2019 11:00

Don't Resist God
The Great Escape Part 5- Exodus 7:1-11:10

Linked File: Outline-20190526.pdf

Suresh Menon
26-May-2019 11:00

The Great but Hidden Faithfulness of God
The Great Escape Part 4 - Exodus 5:22-6:12

Linked File: Outline-20190519.pdf

Suresh Menon
19-May-2019 11:00

Responding to the Call of God
The Great Escape Part 3 - Exodus 4:18-5:21

Linked File: Outline-20190512.pdf

Suresh Menon
12-May-2019 11:00

Moses' Encounter With God.mp3
The Great Escape Part 2 - Exodus 3:1-15 & 4:1-9

Linked File: Outline-20190505.pdf

Suresh Menon
5-May-2019 11:00

A Growing Problem.mp3
The Great Escape Part 1- Exodus 1:1-2:25

Linked File: Outline-20190428.pdf

Suresh Menon
28-Apr-2019 11:00